Sunday, November 7, 2010

July 4th Weekend

The great thing about having the 4th of July fall on a Sunday pretty much get to celebrate it Friday, Saturday, and Monday...right?

So, Friday night was spent with the Grubers up at Sundance where we enjoyed a special Patriotic Concert by the Utah Symphony! So good and so fun! It was especially fun because I remember going to this same concert with his family when Jason and I were dating (at that time we were accompanied by his grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins).
George, Nancy, me, Jason, and Karl

Saturday evening was spent with my family for an Arbon BBQ. We were welcomed by Bryan's Parking Company:

It was too cute to pass up a picture!
(This is a typical procedure whenever there is a family event.)

Monday through Wednesday was also spent with my family on our annual camping trip. Each year we go camping at the Spruces (beautiful campground). Last year, Jason and I were only able to show our faces for dinner one of the nights...and so this year we wanted to make sure we were actually able to camp with the family.

Typical camping activities for my family include hours of leisure reading, walking along/through the streams and rivers, card games, tin foil banana boats (YUM!), roasting marshmallows, delicious breakfasts of bacon and eggs, bike riding, scooter riding, and hiking to Doughnut Falls.

This year, we participated in most of these activities, but also added a few new activities that I'm sure will turn into "traditions": Grandma and Grandpa Arbon and the Apelu family came and visited us the first night and joined us for dinner and marshmallows; we played a game of baseball (and of course my team won...which will be a continuing tradition); and last but not least, we played HOURS of air-soft war!

Our air-soft wars could be described as a mix between paint-balling and capture the flag. We formed two teams and had the mission of stealing the other team's flag without getting hit by any air-soft gun bullets. If you got hit by a bullet, you had to wait there for so many seconds before returning to your base and trying again. Lucky for us, the campsites above and below us were we were free to roam over a wide area.

We absolutely had a ball! We played round after round after round....after get the idea. I'm pretty sure my parents weren't loving it..given the violent nature of the game and the fact that it took away from our typical card-playing, but it was definitely something that made the camping trip memorable and fun! Thanks Bryan for the brilliant idea!

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Arbon and the Apelu family

 Making banana boats

Jason stoking the fire...pretty good for a non-Eagle scout... :)

 The beloved reading time

The special operation team!

...and the GLORIFIED version...

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