Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memorable May

May was a great month; for one, it was my birthday (doesn't get any better than that), two we went to California for Capri's baby blessing, and three, we went on a seven night cruise!

We flew to California, thanks to Karl (Jason's oldest brother) working for Jet Blue, and arrived early Saturday morning. We spent a fun day with the Spencers and some of their extended family at the mall and at their studio apartment in Studio City. Here we are again, shopping and eating at Cheesecake Factory...just how I like it.

I even got some special recognition for my birthday:

The next day, I woke up to streamers above my head and all over the hotel room (thanks to Jason) and many great gifts from the family. The baby blessing was beautiful and Capri looked so cute!

We spent the rest of the day eating birthday cake (my favorite Costco seven layer chocolate cake!) and playing rock band:

(Our friends Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada, they make quite the band)

Thank you Alli and Sean for a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Skip And A Jump...To April

I know this doesn't shock anyone, but I don't remember a single thing from March...so we're going to charge right on ahead to April. April was quite exciting because the Gruber family had a surprise visit from the out-of-state sisters. Alli's family and Amy's family came to Utah in the beginning of April to spend the General Conference weekend with the family. It was so fun to meet Capri Nalani Spencer for the first time (Allison and Sean's first baby).

The Gruber ladies

Capri Nalani Spencer, born February 26th

On our way to meet the family, Jason and I met up with Amy, Robby, Harlan, and Clara for a quick dinner at JCW's...pretty much the best burger place ever! Awesome burgers, great fries, and delicious shakes. Yeah, I'm obsessed.

The weekend was full of food, games, kids running a muck, and fun. Not to mention the great talks given at General Conference. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet the Gruber gang, you are missing out! Not a dull moment. They are a special family and I am so blessed to be apart of it.

Listening to conference oh so intently...

All of the Gruber nieces and nephews: Mya, Alex, Capri, Harlan, and Clara

Another exciting event at the beginning of the month was Easter, of course. We celebrated some of the Easter holiday in Idaho with my mom's side of the family. We had fun painting Easter eggs and just enjoying each others company. I am very close with my cousins and like to take advantage of visiting them any chance I get.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

February - The Month of Love

So basically the only thing I can remember from February is the weekend of Valentine's Day. What's even sadder is that we don't have any pictures to show for it! I guess we'll just have to live with words for this year.

This Valentine's Day was a very special one. Jason and I had only been married for a a little over a month and Jason really swept me away by having a whole weekend planned for us. To my complete surprise, he had gotten us a room at Little America in Salt Lake (the same hotel we stayed at our first night being married). That was so romantic to me and, of course, I loved it!

So we stayed at Little America Friday night, and since we were already in Salt Lake, Jason had planned for us to go shopping at The Gateway Mall. I was able to pick out a thing...or two...for my Valentine's present. I had also been wanting to see Mall Cop (with that big guy from Hitch), so of course he had checked out the times before hand so we could see it at the theater there in the mall.

Another surprise he had planned for us was where we were going to have dinner. Both of us had mentioned while we were dating how much we love Cheesecake Factory and how we hadn't been forever. Sadly, the only one in Utah requires hours of waiting. So we left Gateway in plenty of time to get to Fashion Place Mall and put our names in. It was about a three hour wait, but we didn't mind because we were shopping away for the second time that day. It was actually really fun, surprising for two people who don't usually enjoy shopping for large amounts of time. The food was amazing, as expected, and was definitely worth the wait. Afterwords, we left for home and relaxed the remainder of the evening. Valentine's Day was completely enjoyable for me and I am such a lucky girl to have Jason in my life. I'm really starting to get used to this marriage thing :)