Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Skip And A Jump...To April

I know this doesn't shock anyone, but I don't remember a single thing from we're going to charge right on ahead to April. April was quite exciting because the Gruber family had a surprise visit from the out-of-state sisters. Alli's family and Amy's family came to Utah in the beginning of April to spend the General Conference weekend with the family. It was so fun to meet Capri Nalani Spencer for the first time (Allison and Sean's first baby).

The Gruber ladies

Capri Nalani Spencer, born February 26th

On our way to meet the family, Jason and I met up with Amy, Robby, Harlan, and Clara for a quick dinner at JCW's...pretty much the best burger place ever! Awesome burgers, great fries, and delicious shakes. Yeah, I'm obsessed.

The weekend was full of food, games, kids running a muck, and fun. Not to mention the great talks given at General Conference. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet the Gruber gang, you are missing out! Not a dull moment. They are a special family and I am so blessed to be apart of it.

Listening to conference oh so intently...

All of the Gruber nieces and nephews: Mya, Alex, Capri, Harlan, and Clara

Another exciting event at the beginning of the month was Easter, of course. We celebrated some of the Easter holiday in Idaho with my mom's side of the family. We had fun painting Easter eggs and just enjoying each others company. I am very close with my cousins and like to take advantage of visiting them any chance I get.


  1. It looks like he comes from a big family! How fun!

  2. What sweet little nieces and nephews! The name Capri is so cute. How fun to spend so much time with your families :-)

  3. Em! We need an update.... you are getting behind on your catch up! :)