Sunday, February 7, 2010


All that November means to me is Thanksgiving and family. This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Grubers. The Tuttles (including Robby this time) were able to make it out to Utah to celebrate with us. We were also pleased to have Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada join us as well (Kaitlyn is Sean's little sister and Mike is one of Jason's best friends from BYU Hawaii, so they are pretty much family). Jason and I were in charge of the mashed potatoes this year since I am the potato addict. I was kind of nervous to make them for such a big event when I have such little experience, but they turned out great (thanks to my mom providing me with a huge bag of GIGANTIC Idaho potatoes).

I think we got a little overzealous, because we ended up making way too many potatoes.

Overall, the food was amazing! Every bite was little bit of heaven! Another successful Thanksgiving feast!

Sitting at our own table to make room for the rest of the family

The rest of the weekend included lots of games, including Banana Grams, and decorating the Christmas tree. It also included Jason and Max taking Robby on a fun fishing outing.

Playing Banana Grams

Assembling the tree

Jason, Max, and Robby after their fishing outing

Life as a Gruber is always fun-filled and never dull.
I can't complain! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is Halloween...

October brought it's own round of excitement. One of my VERY favorite things to do this time of year is to go to the Odyssey's Thriller! I was really hoping I would have Jason with me this year, but of didn't work out yet again. I'm crossing my fingers for next year because I just know he would love it!
It was a fantastic night! I was completely blown away and shamed at the same time! I don't know how I even consider myself a dancer! Amy came along with me and we began the night with a mouthwatering dinner at Texas Roadhouse! Another Gruber favorite! Amy had never been thanks to me, she has now seen the light.

Some of them can be down right creepy!

For Halloween, I had to work during the afternoon, which was a bummer...needless to say. But thanks to some miracle, I was able to leave early. Jason and I were quite excited for our costumes. We proudly represented Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

Jason made the most PERFECT Harry! We dressed in capes and wands (thanks to my days working at This Is The Place Heritage Park). Our excitement quickly deflated as we arrived at Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada's apartment. They had not gotten into the spirit of they had no costumes. However, we did enjoy a delicious jack-o-lantern pizza and a scary movie (Drag Me to Hell...actually, a very good movie!)

Another exciting thing that happened during October was getting a surprise visit from the Tuttles. Robby was working on a project that took him away from home for a whole month. As a result, Amy, Harlan, and Clara came to visit the family in Utah.

It was so fun getting to see them outside of the typical holiday or special occasion. Based on past posts, you may think we see them all the time, but that's only when the months are summed up and highlighted. It is always special when we get to see them. We spent one of the first nights with them at the newer restaurant, Pirate Island. It was such a fun atmosphere and the kids loved the arcade part of it.

Adding to the family fun even more, at the beginning of the month, Jason and I went with my family to visit my mom's side of the family in Idaho. We went up there for General Conference weekend and it was such a treat. I am so sad because I haven't been able to make it up there as frequently as I would like (I used to visit all the time! I love my cousins and my grandparents!). Shelley, Idaho just doesn't find it's way on my calendar like it used to, which makes it all the more exciting when we finally do get a chance to go.

Eating another great meal at Grandma and Grandpa Rich's!

Pulling taffy...a fun family recipe

The month of October also means my dad's birthday. He turned 50 this year! I can't believe it! To my surprise, we spent the morning and afternoon at Boondocks! I figured that would be the last place my dad would want to spend even a bad day! It turned out to be such a blast...playing laser tag and miniature golf. It just doesn't get much better than that. Afterwords, we headed home for cake and ice cream!

Monday, February 1, 2010


September brought the start of school and the Utah State Fair. Apparently, it is a Gruber family tradition to attend the state fair. I don't recall ever going to as a girl, so I was rather excited for the outing.

The fair is experience. I don't entirely understand it but we had an overall good time! Besides the rows and rows of cows, sheep, and pretty much anything repulsively smelly, the sights and activities there are quite entertaining. We enjoyed great food, a ridiculous bear show, and a giant slide. Of course, I can't forget my moment of shame...paying a dollar to just SEE the "world's tiniest woman" (who ended up being this poor African American midget just sitting on a chair while lines and lines of people walked past to see this "freak of nature"). How is that not messed up? I couldn't help myself and will forever be ashamed!