Monday, February 1, 2010


September brought the start of school and the Utah State Fair. Apparently, it is a Gruber family tradition to attend the state fair. I don't recall ever going to as a girl, so I was rather excited for the outing.

The fair is experience. I don't entirely understand it but we had an overall good time! Besides the rows and rows of cows, sheep, and pretty much anything repulsively smelly, the sights and activities there are quite entertaining. We enjoyed great food, a ridiculous bear show, and a giant slide. Of course, I can't forget my moment of shame...paying a dollar to just SEE the "world's tiniest woman" (who ended up being this poor African American midget just sitting on a chair while lines and lines of people walked past to see this "freak of nature"). How is that not messed up? I couldn't help myself and will forever be ashamed!

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  1. Ha ha you should have snapped a picture of this "freak of nature"!! I love the last pic of you on Jason's shoulders :)