Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bun in the Oven...

Yes, yes, we all know I am pregnant by now...but I had more than one kind of bun in the oven as of late.

Jason is a huge lover of bread...and so am I. He had requested a couple times that we make our own homemade bread. So for the last several weeks, I have been making homemade bread. Now, don't be too impressed...I have been finding the easiest recipes online and hoping they turn out tasty. Lucky for us, most of the recipes have been satisfactory for us. So far, I have successfully made white, whole wheat, french, and an artisan style bread. I would happily make any of them again.. however, the artisan bread needs a little more practice (or at least the right backing tools...I had to improvise with that one).

Yeah, it turned out as a tall monster...but it still worked out great for grilled paninis. 

Sorry, no picture of the whole wheat bread.

And now onto the most important "bun" of all:

At our last doctor's appointment, we got to have another ultrasound and check up on Baby Gruber. Everything is looking good and we couldn't be happier. Baby Gruber is measuring a little big....the ultrasound measurements put us delivering on June 6th; however, the doctor is keeping our official due date at June 12th. We'll see when he decides he wants to come.

 Proof of his boy parts

Can you tell what this is?
It is his face! You can see the right side of his face...forehead, eye, cheek, and a little bit of the nose and mouth. Crazy!

And here is the latest belly shot:

"These buns are cookin' fine!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Dates

Jason and I had several fun date nights this month. Can I just say we have some of the best friends in the world? I have to admit, most weekends Jason and I tend to hang out at home watching Netflix or Red Box (after dinner out, of course)...we enjoy just being lazy. But we definitely also love spending the weekend evenings with friends.

Rich and Kamilla (recently married) had a "house-warming party" of sorts. They invited us, Nate & Sarah, Trevor & Krista, and Parker & Ali over to see their new basement pad and to eat dinner. They made some delicious meat and cheese quesadillas and homemade chocolate chip cookies. They are living in the basement of a very well-to-do couple with a huge yard. The men definitely took advantage of yard space, playing football and soccer. The kids loved playing on the play ground. And the girls enjoyed hours of great conversation...and great advice for this mother-to-be.

We had another "house-warming party" date this month, but this time hosted by Jason and I. We invited Kerstin & Jed and Alisha & Nate over for dinner and to see our new apartment. We served Brandalee's Chicken and Rice, Cheesy Herb Biscuits, and Apple Poppyseed Salad. I was thrilled that everything turned out well and delicious. For dessert, we had Root Beer Floats (thanks to Kerstin and Jed). After dinner, we played Ticket To Ride...and Jason and I dominated the board...however, not really fair since we were technically teaching the others how to play. Bad friends? We can't help it that we like to win!

Lastly, thanks to my new part-time schedule, I had a day off last week. Jason and I took that opportunity to visit the new City Creek Center. The weather was great and the mall was beautiful. We were quite impressed. We are stoked that there is another Cheesecake Factory and H&M in Utah. I was very excited to see a small maternity section in H&M...I was desperately in need!

With Jason's flexible work schedule, I have loved having lots of time with him lately. I know I won't be taking this time for granted come baby time!