Tuesday, November 3, 2009

February - The Month of Love

So basically the only thing I can remember from February is the weekend of Valentine's Day. What's even sadder is that we don't have any pictures to show for it! I guess we'll just have to live with words for this year.

This Valentine's Day was a very special one. Jason and I had only been married for a a little over a month and Jason really swept me away by having a whole weekend planned for us. To my complete surprise, he had gotten us a room at Little America in Salt Lake (the same hotel we stayed at our first night being married). That was so romantic to me and, of course, I loved it!

So we stayed at Little America Friday night, and since we were already in Salt Lake, Jason had planned for us to go shopping at The Gateway Mall. I was able to pick out a thing...or two...for my Valentine's present. I had also been wanting to see Mall Cop (with that big guy from Hitch), so of course he had checked out the times before hand so we could see it at the theater there in the mall.

Another surprise he had planned for us was where we were going to have dinner. Both of us had mentioned while we were dating how much we love Cheesecake Factory and how we hadn't been forever. Sadly, the only one in Utah requires hours of waiting. So we left Gateway in plenty of time to get to Fashion Place Mall and put our names in. It was about a three hour wait, but we didn't mind because we were shopping away for the second time that day. It was actually really fun, surprising for two people who don't usually enjoy shopping for large amounts of time. The food was amazing, as expected, and was definitely worth the wait. Afterwords, we left for home and relaxed the remainder of the evening. Valentine's Day was completely enjoyable for me and I am such a lucky girl to have Jason in my life. I'm really starting to get used to this marriage thing :)


  1. what a fun valentine's day! it couldn't get any better with lots of shopping and eating at the cheesecake factory! i love reading your posts of your first few months of marriage. you two are so cute together!

  2. How romantic! That sounds like my perfect weekend lol...food and shopping! I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory, but have heard it's delicious! I dunno if I could wait for three hours though lol!

  3. How sweet of Jason to plan all of that! So romantic. And I'm all about shopping and Cheesecake Factory! Matt and I were spoiled with short lines at Cheesecake in Colorado, I don't know how we'll handle the long ones in UT and CA!