Thursday, October 22, 2009

January in a Nutshell

The best word to describe the month January is BUSY. If we weren't at school, doing school work, at work, or eating, we were organizing our little apartment. I was doing what I could to transform our place into a home. That goal is still in progress even today.

I have close to nothing to account for our first month, but I do remember two very specific events. First off, the Draper Temple was having its open house. We were able to go to that with my family and it was such a good experience. The Draper Temple is so beautiful and especially exciting for my family; my family has lived in Draper since I was 8 years how many years is that? (would rather not do the math right now, even if it is just subtraction)

Another very important event was Jason's 23rd birthday! For his birthday, after going through our usual routine of work and school, we met up with his family for a dinner at Ruby River. That was so fun and so delicious! That weekend I took him to Tucanos for our own private celebration. We had one of those free-meal birthday cards so it worked out perfectly! To anyone who hasn't been to Tucanos, I highly recommend it! Another night that weekend (same night we went to the Draper Temple open house), my family had us over for another special birthday dinner. My mom always makes the most delicious meals and this was no exception. Oh, and I figured it out...that makes 14 years that my family has been living in Draper...give or take :)

Well, that's all I have to account for January. Hopefully next January will be a different story.


  1. your so cute!! I want to come see your little home : ) hope life is great fo you two!!

  2. That's a gorgeous picture of the Draper temple! And pretty sure Tucano's sounds AMAZING right now. Especially their yummy pineapple...

  3. yes it is, too bad i didn't take it haha. got it off google :)

  4. ylime- Oh man! I'm so glad you found my blog. I have been reading yours, trying to see what your up to! Can we please hang out again?! I don't know if you know, but Kristi is prego too. See how much catching up we need to do? :)

  5. Tucanos is so good! That sounds delicious right now... I am so proud of your blog updating skills! Keep the pictures and updates coming!! :)