Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our First Apartment

After a wonderful honeymoon, we couldn't waste any time getting our apartment organized and ready for living. We were so lucky to have our family members help out while we were away by moving in all of our things. All of our stuff was there for us by the time we got back Sunday night (just in time for school to start the next morning).

Here is a closer look of the cute sign our families signed for us,
"Welcome Home Mr. and Mrs. Gruber!"

I am so thankful to them and for all they did for us to make the transition into our new "home" such an easy one. I'm STILL working on getting it how I would like it, but it has definitely been a fun and exciting process. Skills in interior design and culinary art had to be quickly acquired to keep up with the married lifestyle. It's been challenging but I have come to love it. Who could have foreseen the day that I would be cooking meals regularly? I know my family couldn't have....I know Jaleah couldn't have...I certainly couldn't have...and I know that Jason is pleasantly surprised to say the least. Here is a peek at dinnertime one of the first weeks moving in:

Yummy salmon withe pineapple salsa!

Bon appetit!


  1. This is so funny to me! We lived together for 4 months and I dont remember you ever cooking once!

  2. What a great family to help move you in and make a cute sign! So... I want the recipe to the pinapple salsa, that sounds dang good!

  3. Look at you Betty Crocker! Your apartment is so cute.. that is what ours looked like too. Can you believe this time last year we were meeting Jason for the first time and you told us you were getting married?!?! Crazy! I can't wait for friday!!! Its going to be so fun!

  4. aaah such a little homemaker! i'm wondering why we haven't been invited for dinner...emily...are you holding out on me?? we need to play so we can see j's house and eat your delicious food! (and i'll provide the hair accessories!)

  5. That's an impressive dinner spread! Hopefully I'll pick up some of those homemaking skills soon; poor Matt is being fed out of a microwave. Your apartment looks super cute, though! How sweet of your families to help set it up while you were gone.