Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Long. Farewell.

The day finally came. The day to replace the infamous Cadi! The registration was weeks away from expiring and we knew there was no way that thing was going to pass again in its current condition. We also knew we didn’t want to put any money into that car. That meant it was time to bring up the good old KSL car listing. We (and by that, I mean Jason) looked each day for about 3 weeks for a car that we liked and was within our price range. We didn’t want to be too picky (since anything would have been an upgrade from the ’88 Deville). 
However, we really lucked out! One day we saw a ’99 Honda Accord that was located right there in Provo. We called them up and test drove it that night. By the next morning, we had cash in hand and exchanged it for the keys. We were thrilled! A great car for a great price (around $700 under what Blue Book was posting)!

Now we are riding in style and are enjoying the profit we made off of the Cadi!! That’s right! A profit! We got it for $150 and sold it for $ basically we got paid for driving a piece of junk around for a whole year! Now I can take back the tears that fell when I first laid eyes on her.

Here are the winning photos that drove all of the fanatic customers to our driveway:

Some lucky son-of-a-gun is now riding this bad boy around Provo with pride!

Thanks Cadi for all of the good memories!


  1. Ha ha oh my goodness. that was one sexy looking cadi, that's for sure :)