Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Day of the Year

That's birthday!

Ok, ok.... it highly competes with Christmas, but it's all my own!

As most glorious holidays, it was centered around food and mealtimes. The Sunday before my birthday was spent with my family. That means you know there were lots of yummy mashed potatoes! If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE all their forms: baked, mashed, heavenly, FRIES, potato chips, tater tots, you name it. My mom is from Idaho, so I think I'm genetically predisposed! There is one exception, however. Sweet potatoes! Can those even count as potatoes? I call them yams. So gross!

Sadly, no pictures of potatoes.....

On Tuesday, the official day, Jason picked me up from work and took me to lunch. We went to Spicy Thai. Thai food has become a favorite of ours. Our favorite Thai places around here are Spicy Thai and Evergreen. Both are awesome! Anybody know of any other fantastic Thai restaurants around? My recommendation is to steer clear of Thai Mango! We went for their Grand Opening and were so disappointed. I may have already vented about this, but their Pad Thai tasted like dirty, old cat litter. I couldn't even finish one bite! We drove to McDonalds and threw it away.

Tuesday night, the Grubers treated me to a delicious dinner. Check out this cake Jason made and decorated for me! Impressive!

No need to count... that's 24 candles...and I was a good girl for all of them :)

Present time!

Sweet kicks from Jason! And Mya, my unwrapping helper.

The big surprise of the night...

My mom had kept and dried my wedding bouquet and in the process of storing it, George and Nancy found it and put it in a beautiful case. Now, I can always have it and display it in my home. So neat and so special!

Another successful birthday! Twenty-four has never felt so good!

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