Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moving On To July

At the end of June I was able to make a special trip up to Idaho for a baby shower. My cousin, Brooke, and her sister-in-law were both expecting and due just weeks apart from each other. They were having a combined baby shower, and were both expecting boys. Or I should say, Brooke was expecting a boy, and Joslyn already had her baby boy...thanks to a series of unfortunate events: She ended up having eclampsia...having several seizures in the night two and a half months before her due date. To save her and the baby, they had to deliver the baby that morning by C-Section. What a crazy experience! Poor Joslyn, and poor Izac! But such a blessing that everything worked out and that mom and baby Ryker were okay. Thank you modern technology!

Brooke, Lynze, me, Bri, Kendra, Ashley

Always have to have one or two of these shots...

The honorary women: Joslyn and Brooke

Aunt Arnae always does the parties right!
Thanks, Kendra, for taking all of these pictures.

It was really fun to have a chance to drive up to Idaho alone (just like the good old days), and spend time with the girl cousins. Thank you, Jason, for tending Charlie!

We had another celebration before July arrived: we celebrated Zach’s birthday with Zach, Kaari, and Georgia. We hit up Seven Peaks for a little water fun, headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and then ended up at their new home in Draper for delicious dessert and a movie (Safehaven - I’m pretty sure Zach picked that movie out haha).

I stole every single one of these pictures from Kaari...thanks, Kaari:

Kaari, you have to send me this banana pie recipe NOW!!!

As soon as July hit, it was mad-dash time before we left on our cruise. We really had to kick our preparations into gear because we were leaving the night of July 4th! (More on the cruise to come). It’s almost comical how much a girl does to get ready for a tropical vacation! There’s shopping for essentials and shopping for cute new clothes, dresses for formal nights, swimsuits, and swim cover-ups. There’s the necessary manicure and pedicure. Thank you, Jaleah, for your fabulous at-home gel-nails manicure! And then there are endless areas of waxing that can be done. I met up with my mom and sisters for different facial waxings done by a neighborhood friend. And then when you are trying to pack and plan for a baby to stay behind ten days...things can get kind of crazy! But it is always delightful insanity because you are just so excited to be embarking on your adventure!

Can’t wait to share the details of our cruise next!

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