Wednesday, September 24, 2014

June - Part II

We have been so anxious to take Charlie on bike rides, but with our beach cruisers, it is hard to ride anywhere that isn’t flat. We live on a slight incline, so anywhere we go, we are getting quite the workout. Even more difficult is the heat! During the summer, we have had to wait until it cools down a bit in the evening to go on rides. With Charlie’s bedtime at 7:30 or 8:00 PM, it has still been decently hot while we ride, but definitely fun. One day we even drove our bikes up to Timpanogos trail and went for a little ride. It was beautiful and so much fun. Ever since our bike ride at Soldier Hollow, Charlie has been a little apprehensive to get in the bike seat...but once we get going, and he relaxes a bit, he enjoys it.

The World Cup in Brazil started! Jason was watching games every chance he got. For a soccer lover, the World Cup felt like Christmas! It was especially fun to be able to see some of the Brazilian culture (since that is where Jason served his mission).

At the end of June, Jason went on another fishing trip, this time with his brother, Max, and Max’s friend, Mike. I hope to get a summary from him soon on this trip to Flaming Gorge. Back at home, I got to spend some quality time with Charlie and spent time with our neighborhood friends. I spent the nights working on projects and indulging in "Say Yes to the Dress".

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but our friends, the Wingers, got a really nice smoker (they smoked for us earlier in June), and so that left us with their old barbecue grill. We were stoked! It isn't the prettiest grill you have ever seen (it is pretty old) and there were tons of hornets living in it, but we definitely put it to use right away. Suddenly, we were grilling weekly, and no longer needed to make the trek up the canyon (which was bittersweet, but so much easier). 

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