Wednesday, February 8, 2017

August 2016 - Fun and Preschool Starts

The summer months are always full of fun things. One thing of note was swimming at the Stone’s pool. Kara and her kids, Ryder, Emmi, and Nash, invited us over to her in-laws pool where they have been living while they wait for their house to be built. We have been to the pool before and the kids love it. Our other PG friends came and it was such fun.

We started inviting some of Charlie’s friends over to play. Rather than having play dates with the mommy’s, I decided it would be fun to have friends come over while Colson naps so Charlie has someone to play with and I can get some things done. We invited Phoenix, Karrigan, and Afton over at separate times, and they have started inviting Charlie over too at other times. It is great! It is funny how sometimes having more kids makes it less work for the parents. Crazy!

We celebrated Tyson’s birthday by meeting at a park in Orem in the evening. We had a pulled pork sandwich picnic (gourmet picnic if you are going to call it a picnic) and a delicious Costco chocolate layer cake. We also had a good time playing around at the park and playing Cube.

And just like old times we were making the drive back to Idaho! This time it was for Kaden’s Homecoming. Boy, his mission in England just flew by! We drove to Idaho Sunday morning just in time for his talk. He did a fabulous job. After his talk we went to the Hillams for a luncheon and hung out for a few hours. Then it was time to drive back home.

Jason had an awesome fishing trip in Canada that I will post about next.

Charlie started his second year of preschool on August 30th. This year he attended four days a week (Tuesday thru Friday) in the morning. We were so happy to have Miss Reay again. With this new schedule, the bus arrives around 8:40 am and then drops him off at home after school around 12:05 pm. Last year Charlie loved school, so we were surprised that he was acting a little apprehensive about it a couple of weeks before it started. The turn around came the week before when he heard all of his cousins talking about school; he was excited at that point. He was happy to get on the bus and head to school. Thank goodness for good examples.

With Charlie gone in the mornings, a big chunk of that time with Colson is spent at the gym. As soon as Charlie is gone on the bus, Colson and I head to the gym. Colson actually does a lot better alone at the gym! With Charlie not there, there is a lot less pushing, falling, and crying. Colson is just able to play with the toys independently or to play with other kids. It is great.

Here are some more pictures from the month:

Enjoying our Thanksgiving Point Membership:

PG Friends

Running away in usual...

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