Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dear Daddy - While You Were Gone

Here is a compilation of revised emails we sent to Jason while he was away camping. It tells the story of what we were up to while Daddy was fishing in Canada:

Hey babe,
Hope you are having the best time. Hope it's great weather and you are having great luck!
Good news, Colson was not able to climb out of the crib today, so lowering it worked perfectly. Phew! 
Today, we went to the gym and went to your parents' house. Your Grandma Gruber was there. We played in the backyard. Bad news, in a matter of 20 minutes of getting there I got instant crazy cramps!! I like had to go right to the bathroom and like started crying then laid on the bed. I seriously wondered to myself if I had appendicitis! I was freaked. Your mom gave me a hot pad and I fell right asleep for like an hour. When I woke up, I was totally fine! Ah I was relieved. I think my ovaries are jacked or something haha. Anyways, I was pretty good the rest of the day. While I slept, the others had lunch out on the patio. Your dad got donuts for us. So sweet. He also helped Charlie and Colson hammer nails into the wood ties by the ping pong table haha. They said they loved it.
Later we went to the Springville splash pad and picked up pizza. The boys loved it. We stayed till 7! Then straight home to bed. Ah!

Anyways. Love and miss you!

Hey Daddy!
Today we went to the gym. They had a bouncy house inside the kid care, so the boys were stoked about that. Colson was a little fussy on and off today. We went to a park in Lindon with PG friends. The boys played great. Colson fell and scraped his knee pretty good. It was bleeding and he was sensitive with it the rest of the day. Tonight Camry came over and we went to Chik-fil-A for dinner. Just a free drink of course with our calendar card... Lame! The boys were crazy rowdy, but laughing and hyper. After we put the boys down, we chatted and made peach shakes with crumbled snickerdoodle cookies on top... Sounds better than it was, unfortunately haha. It was so rich! And we watched a red box we picked up. Another eventful day around here. Hope you are doing well and having fun!

P.s. Charlie's bus driver called and will be picking him up around 8:33 in the mornings. Crazy!


We woke up this morning to Colson at his door....Ah! He can climb out after all on the lowest setting! Crap.
We went to the gym. Colson came back with a HUGE goose egg smack dab in the middle of his forehead! Charlie pushed him into the corner of a wall. Man, he has had a rough couple days haha, but he seems totally fine and hasn't complained about it. He has complained more about his knee scrape from yesterday than his goose egg. 
Next up, we went to the Curiosity Museum with your mom. Your mom has been so nice offering to get together and to help a ton! We were with her Wednesday, today, and she invited us to dinner Sunday. So great! So nice! We had a great time at the museum. Colson is definitely growing up and wanting to explore more than the baby area. For lunch we went to McDonalds. We all ate and the boys played in the play place.
We came home for Colson's nap, then went to Target. I was looking for a shirt Kylie said was there, but I couldn't find it. The boys had a blast taking all the clothes off the hangers and throwing things on the floor. It was insane! Colson found two twin backpacks and he and Charlie wore them around and chased each other down the food aisles. It was funny to watch, but then quickly picked them up and marched them out of the store with Colson kicking and flailing lol. Then it was home for dinner, bath, bed. I've been enjoying Master Chef :)
Wow, not sure why this was so long. Both boys had moments today when they asked where Dad was and were sad you were gone. 
Love you!

Hello! Just got your message that you've crossed the border and I'm so relieved and stoked! Hope you find a hotel soon and get some rest. 
This morning we took it easy and played here. I took Charlie to a baptism that I was asked to attend as a Primary presidency member, and Camry came and stayed with Colson while he napped. At 1:00 pm Kim also came and we all went swimming at the Lindon pool. We stayed until about 5. It was a blast. We picked up Costa Vida on our way home. After putting the boys down we watched The Intern. The girls painted their nails and I curled their hair. Kim had to leave to pick up Kyle at 9:00 pm, but Camry stayed till 11:50 pm and watched Master Chef with me. 
Good news, we have another cantaloupe growing :) 
See you soon! Drive safely!
Love, Emily 

A sign we had been working on all week:
He's finally home!

And here are a few pictures from Tuesday (the first day) after opening special presents from Daddy. We had spent the day at Farm Country, one of the boy's favorites places to go. 
(No email was sent that day as we texted each other as they drove to Canada)

They were perfect gifts!

Couldn't be happier!

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