Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Honeymoon - Part II

Putting the culture shock aside, we really did live like kings during our week in Cancun. Jason had chosen the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Resort as our hotel. Let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to visit Cancun, this is the place to stay! We lived in total luxury while staying at that hotel. It was so beautiful and clean, the service was great, and the view and beach were phenomenal. During the week we got a chance to walk around some of the other nice hotels and resorts; there were some amazing ones, but I would still re-visit Fiesta Americana first before considering any of the other ones. The room was very elegant. The bed had a white, full comforter with big white pillows and the bathroom had big mirrors and lots of counter space. The best part was our own private balcony that looked out onto the beach. I can’t describe the amazing feeling it was waking up every morning to the bright blue-green ocean just outside of our glass sliding doors. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Our hotel room

The view from our bed

View from hallway window

The beach itself at this resort was enough to get me to put it at number one on my list. They had their own glamorous pool area just outside of the hotel, which included water falls, eternity pools, and refreshment huts. There was even a fancy restaurant that sat above the water. Immediately after you step out of the pool area, you walk right onto the beach of soft white sand. On the beach they had countless padded beach chairs for the guests to use. Jason and I enjoyed lounging and reading on those chairs while looking out onto the beautiful ocean. The hotel services would walk around the beach offering drinks and pina coladas that we could have brought right to us without lifting a finger.

View from our balcony

View from the beach to our balcony

Reading on the beach...Oh yeah, Harry Potter...

One of my favorite aspects of the pool/beach area was the refreshment hut. I believe there were two large huts located at opposite lengths of the pool and at these huts they serviced a variety of fun, tropical drinks as well as lunch platters. These huts were connected to land as well, so if you wanted to order from the side of the pool and eat at the tables you could do that; or, my favorite was the stools that sat below the water. These stools were the perfect height so you could sit in the water while leaning on the countertop of the bar. I remember ordering some delicious quesadillas one day, and another day ordering something with fries. Their fries were top-notch! I remember just ordering a couple plates of fries once because they were so good! We would also order some fruit smoothies from the bar whenever we felt like it.

We were really lucky, because at the time, the hotel was having a special promotion of some sort which allowed us to get a $200 credit at the hotel, just for putting a credit card on file. This hotel credit is what allowed us to take advantage of the refreshment huts and the great room service.


  1. Em! I found your blog from Bryton's... and now I feel like I need to go to Cancun haha. But I just wanted to tell you thanks for letting me tag along on Tuesday! It was fun playing with the two of you... even if we Were announced as the late bridesmaids :-)

  2. Cancun looks amazing! I wish we would have gone there! Cabo definitely wasn't nearly as pretty! I am so glad you guys had an awesome time... it looks so gorgeos! And all the food looks sooo yummy!!!

  3. i am going to cancun in november for my graduation/birthday/anniversary gift. hooray! you may have to give me some tips on what to see and do there...

  4. Yep, I want to live there now. I'll trade my obnoxious, construction filled view for the ocean any day! Glad you guys had a great, luxurious time!