Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Honeymoon - Part III

I wish I could remember specifically which restaurants we attended throughout the week, but time has allowed those details to escape me. I remember one night we ate at an Argentine restaurant inside one of the malls on the strip. It was absolutely amazing! The food was great. Jason’s favorite part was the breads they brought out before the meal. They had a basket full of a variety of breads with three different dipping sauces. Jason loves his breads (and I do too)!

Another night we ate at another Mexican restaurant. This one was a lot fancier than the first night and included a live Mexican band that would perform around the restaurant. I think we ordered fajitas with a combination of different meats, but the main thing I remember is the pig platter it came out on. It was like an oven, shaped and painted as a red pig. There were hot coals inside and the food was placed on top on a wire rack. That was a very memorable dinner.

The pig platter

Another memorable dinner was when we visited the restaurant in the hotel across the street. I believe it was called Mexican Steakhouse or something along those lines. It was a very nice restaurant and Jason and I had been looking forward to eating there. However, the waiter proved to be very annoying! When it came time to order, we explained to the guy that we wanted to share a specific steak. Jason says the waiter was trying to take advantage of his bad English because he kept suggesting different dishes and asking if we wanted to get that one too. When he was leaving to place our order he said, “Ok, so two of the (whatever) steak.” We quickly corrected him because we wished to share one dish, but he ended up doing the same thing when it came time to order for dessert. We told him we were not interested in getting dessert, but he continued to suggest each dessert, one-by-one, asking if we wanted that particular dessert. He understood that we didn’t actually want dessert, but was hoping he would frustrate us into just getting a dessert. He finally stopped when there weren’t any more desserts to offer. It was really starting to make me mad, and to this day I regret not telling him off!

One thing we were not prepared for was New Year’s Eve. We had planned to eat at the nice restaurant down the street, that we later visited (the one where we got our dinner on an oven pig). We got all dressed up nice and were very excited. However, when we got to the doors, they were closed and there was no music playing outside like it usually was whenever we passed by. We were very confused. We started walking a little further looking for an alternative restaurant; however, every restaurant we saw was closed. There were people working inside, but not people dining. We were so confused. We continued walking around, hoping to find anything open, we were getting very hungry at this point. We finally came to find out that on New Year’s Eve, all of the restaurants require reservations days in advance for their special buffets. All of the dinners are served late and are ridiculously priced. Most of the holiday buffet prices we saw were the equivalent of about $90 per person. Needless to say, we ended up going back to the hotel and ordering room service. I think I got a tortilla soup and Jason got a pizza. We ate the food and fell asleep watching a movie on TV. Our New Year’s celebration wasn’t the most exciting one ever (I even fell asleep before midnight) but it was definitely memorable and we still had a good time.

On the last night, we took the bus and walked a little ways down the strip and found a nice Argentine restaurant. We quickly realized that Argentine was our favorite style of food on the trip. This restaurant was neat because it was sitting on top of the water. Those who were sitting on the balcony were basically sitting on a dock and could look down and see the small alligators that were hanging out on the shore. The food was great; what a great way to finish off the honeymoon!


  1. what a fun honeymoon!! sounds like you guys had many fun adventures! i have never been to cancun and it makes me wanna go so bad. thanks for sharing all the fun pics!

  2. It sounds like you guys had a blast! I had a VERY different food experience from you. Since Jed is 1/2 Mexican, we ate at little hole in the wall places that were in the back yard of peoples houses. I'm surprised Jed didn't get sick, but Mexican coke, fruit, and cookies kept me alive on our trip. And we did find a Bar on the marina that sold really good $2 hamburgers... we ate there a lot :) Thanks for sharing the honeymoon! I LOVE pictures :)

    PS... We are still good for the 16th or 17th :) I can't wait for you guys to come over!

  3. Hey I found you on Savannah's blog! Looks like you had fun in Cancun! glad we can keep in touch!

  4. That is a SPLENDID idea! I have been trying to think of a movie that we could watch and you just solved all my problems. All the showings for New Moon are sold out, but I am just waiting for them to open more showings up (they only had like 4 open) and then I will get us tickets.. I will keep you posted. I'm excited to see you guys next week!

  5. Um don't even worry, I tried to show Jake the dance last night and I forgot it. All of it. Yes, it's been that long since I've danced.