Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Canadian Cruise II

The Butchart Gardens were absolutely breathtaking, a must see! Unfortunately it was raining a bit when we were there, but nonetheless beautiful.

The public bus ride to the Gardens

So, kind of a lot of pictures, but there were TONS to choose from! After visiting the Gardens, we headed back to the ship excited for what tomorrow in Vancouver would bring.

Every night, room service would turn our beds down - a very nice touch

Each night also brought a new towel animal - very impressive!

Not a bad way to return home after a "hard" day of sight seeing!


  1. How fun! Definitely somewhere I wouldn't think of going on a cruise, but I hear it is beautiful! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. Ha ha once again, beautiful pics! The animal towels are fun huh!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful! They look like they should be in a calendar!

  4. so pretty! looks like you guys had such a fun time. and we need to hang out again soon...it feels like we haven't seen you guys in forever! hope you guys had a fun christmas!

  5. This is so weird! Your blog didn't update in my blog list... but it looks like your cruise was a blast! I would never think to go to Canada, but it looks like the cruise was a lot of fun! Happy Anniversary by the way! I know we missed our December hang out, so we need to make sure to plan a January one to get back on track :)