Monday, July 26, 2010

A Shout-out to Mothers

It was nice to actually be around for this Mother’s Day (as last year we were on a Carnival Cruise line). Unfortunately, Nancy was out of town for the week…so we didn’t get to see her. But, that just meant we got to spend more time with my beautiful mother! 

Jason and I drove up to Draper that morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by my dad and my family. He probably made the prettiest omelets I’ve ever seen!! They were perfect and so tasty! 

After breakfast, Jason returned home to prepare his Sunday school lesson, while I stayed behind and attended Sacrament Meeting with my parents’ ward. After the meeting, we took the “traditional” three hour drive up to Shelley, Idaho to allow my mom to visit her mom. We arrived in the afternoon, stayed and chatted for a few hours, and then returned home that same night. It may seem crazy to some that my family would spend so much time driving just to enjoy a few hours with the family, but for my mom, it is always worth it!

 Visiting with Grandma Rich

Oh! So cute!

This year for Mother’s Day, my sisters and I all pitched in to prepare a fun “Girl’s Afternoon”. Two weeks after the actual holiday, we met up in Alpine to enjoy an indulgent activity at the salon. We had my mom get a nice pedicure, while the three of us got manicures. Afterward, we drove up to Draper for a quick lunch at Zupas. Then it was a speedy drive up to Salt Lake to attend the Young Ambassador’s Concert. There’s nothing like an afternoon of family, pampering, good food, and fun entertainment!!

Thanks girls for making the afternoon so fun!  I hope it is something 
we continue to do often!
Hope you had a great Mother's Day, Mom!


  1. That table is set up so cute! You are such a good daughter :) That sounds like the perfect gift! And I dont know your mom or grandma, but that is a really cute picture of them hugging lol!

  2. that picture of your mom and your grandma is SO cute!!!