Sunday, July 4, 2010

Graduated at Last! Part III - The Party Continues

The next day (Saturday), we continued the party in Alpine to take advantage of the time that Amy, Alli, Grandpa, and Alan had in Utah. Robby even made it into town, which was a special treat for us and especially for Amy.

We showed up in our awesome (free) 2010 BYU Alumni shirts...they were quite the hit!

The day was filled with food, family...and dams??'ll see what I mean:

Karl, Alan, Grandpa Banks, George, and Jason

Allison, Kaitlyn Pacada, Grandma Blair (Kaitlyn's grandma), Nancy, myself, and J-Dawgs! 
My first J-Dawg ever!

Amy, Nancy, me, and April

Jason taking over the BBQ

The most interaction Clara and I have had her entire life!! A very proud moment!

Harlan, me, Jason, and Alex relaxing on the hammock

Now comes the infamous dam building in the Gruber creek! It is quite an ordeal: actually turned out quite beautiful this year!

The party didn't end there...we made our way up to Alpine the next day to enjoy Sunday dinner and fun!

We always manage to fit in a game of Nertz!

Jason found his old kite and thought it would be a perfect activity for the kids to enjoy...and like always, he was right! The kids loved it! Last year it was the airplane, this year it was the kite...he always knows just what they'll love!

This is the little rascal I got to play with while the boys were putting on their show!
Mya is just too cute!

We concluded the party later that week with a fun outing at Boondocks in Draper. The kids absolutely loved the play area!

Karl, George, and Grandpa Banks...loading up on the tickets

Karl and Alex playing some air hockey

To say the least, we had a VERY enjoyable graduation week/weekend! 
Thanks to everyone who came to support us and who helped make it so special for Jason and I!


  1. Wow, sounds like quite the festivities for graduation! Congrats again! I can't wait for my day :) You two look so happy and cute together in that first pics with your zubbie shirts on :)

  2. You guys do so much fun stuff! Congrats on being free!

  3. congrats grads!!!! feels to good! (and what is with the daming the river??? is that by the gruber home??)

  4. yes, just the creek in their back clue the real reason for it...