Saturday, June 26, 2010

Graduated at Last! Part II

While Thursday was spent primarily with the Gruber side, Friday was the day we got to spend with my family. Before the Convocation, we met up at Macaroni Grill for a very nice lunch. Warning to the wise, be careful where you go around graduation time...restaurants are very busy and may change the menu at will.

Perhaps my dad was attempting to get a panorama shot of our table? 
Nice to see all were in attendance...

 Apparently, Bryan did not want his presence to be known...while he artistically displayed Obama propaganda on the table cloth/sheet...
Jason and I receiving generous gifts from my parents

After lunch, it was another rush as we made our way back to the Marriott Center for the Convocation Ceremony (again, we chose to attend with Jason's School). I'm telling you, I've never had to make so many lines, just to sit down and form another line...whilst getting up to move that line into another section of seats...proceeded by standing and reversing that line to make it to our diplomas. 

After making it through our first line, Jason found his friend Austin
(who he had several classes with)

And then began the REAL lines...

Having family on both sides of the event center allowed for many photo opportunities:

I apologize for the blurry pictures (these are the best ones of the bunch)...
...either we were walking like the vampires in the Twilight films...
...or my parents REALLY need to invest in a tripod...or SOMETHING!?!

After (I'd say hours) of filling in the rows, we were treated with a "thrilling" talk from Bill Marriott.

The excitement is just gleaming from our faces! least he was a cute old man...

We did manage to smile for a picture though:

We made our way through, through the final line, where my parents managed a quick shot before entering the ramp for our diplomas:

Jason's moment:

Emily's moment:
(apparently, I didn't want anyone questioning my catwalk skills... fierce...)

It's official!
Jason and I officially graduated from Brigham Young University on April 23, 2010 with bachelor's degrees! Jason graduated in Business Management (Finance Emphasis), and I graduated in Sociology.

The following may feel like a painful overload of pictures...but imagine how we felt!...

We were given fun candy leis from Jason's sisters!

Happiness all around!

Throwing our caps! (no, of course we're not, um, yeah...)
Jason looks very convincing!

My face = Excitement overload

Afterward, we drove to Draper to attend our graduation party that was starting without us. Somehow, my grandparents, aunts, and cousins, thought the party started at 7 pm...while we didn't start taking pictures until that time (and as you could tell, that took awhile). Meanwhile, our party guests were locked out of my parents house sitting in their cars. Thanks to their patience, we finally made it to Draper (probably around 9) and enjoyed cake and ice cream!

Thanks to everyone who made our graduation so fun and special! I can't believe we are both was definitely a bittersweet feeling! I'm so proud of Jason and I for working so hard to achieve our goals. I'm especially thankful for Jason; I know his school load was very difficult and I'm so happy I finally have him to myself!!


  1. Cutest little graduates I've ever seen! Congratulations! (Can't remember if I already said that in Part I)

  2. Congratulations, again! I love that last picture of you and Jason. How fun to get to share that moment together!