Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Arbons Love Getting Married

So, I just had to pay a quick tribute to my uncle's family for having the most weddings within a four month period! My cousin, Brooke, got married the end of January... her younger brother, Brock, got married the very end of April...and another younger brother, Thayne, got married a week later. Wow! That's a lot of weddings, receptions, and wedding dinners/luncheons..and would have been a lot of showers if I was able to attend all of them. Another cousin from the Arbon side (Paul) also has a wedding date set for the end of September! 2010 is the year for Arbon weddings apparently!

Brooke and Andrew taking pictures on a painfully windy day!

Jason and I showing off our Ballroom routine at Brooke's reception

Brock and Liliana at the Salt Lake Temple

Brock's reception at the Zions Bank Building in Salt Lake
(while I tastefully demonstrate my eye crossing abilities)

Thayne and Veronica
Sadly, I don't have any "in-the-action" photos yet of Thayne's wedding...
those will have to be inserted later

And coming in September...Paul and Mandy's wedding:

(the two love birds dancing at Brooke's reception)

...if you're confused, it's am I...

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  1. Ha ha Glad I am not the parents that have to pay for all those weddings!