Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graduated at Last! Part I

We were so SO lucky to have Grandpa Banks, Uncle Alan, Allison and Capri, and Amy and kids come for our graduation! It made the celebration that much more special. Thursday morning, we drove into Alpine to see everyone and to celebrate with a festive lunch. Blue streamers and blue balloons were everywhere! GO BYU! A family of True Blue fans!

Uncle Alan, Nancy, Amy, Clara, George, Mya, April, Alex, Capri, and Allison
(sorry, very hard to see)

Grandpa Banks, Emily, Jason, Karl, Harlan
The Gruber girls are so cups, plates, napkins, etc...

Who knew reading could be so much fun?!?

 Mya is finally coming around to us!

Emily, April, Mya, Jason, and Alex

After a fun morning/afternoon, we rushed back to Provo to get ready for the Commencement Ceremony. Typically students just sit with their graduating Schools; but being married, Jason and I got to choose which School we wanted to sit with (Family, Home, and Social Sciences for me, or Marriott School of Management for Jason). The choice was not hard at all (especially since it had been several months since I had even been in school...I officially graduated in December 2009, but graduation ceremonies are not held in the Winter).

Lining up for Commencement Exercises

Inside the Marriott Center... great seats!

The guest speaker for this years Commencement Exercises was Elder D. Todd Christofferson. 

He gave such a great talk and it was enjoyed by all!

 The ceremony was followed by a lot of prepared!

The night ended with another Gruber celebration of food, cake, presents, and dancing...yes, dancing:

Again, we capitalize on any opportunity we can to show off our ballroom skills...or so it seems!
Following acts included dancing by Karl, Nancy, Amy, and Allison. I reckon George stayed out of it and continued to observe from his chair.


  1. YAY for graduation!!! So your main picture is awesome! Love it! You need to teach me all your cool blogging ways, you seem to just "get it" can't wait to see you tuesday!

  2. Congrats on graduation!! What did you graduate in again? If I could ballroom dance I would show off my skills every chance I got too :)

  3. Congratulations! How fun to have those pictures of the two of you graduating at the same time (well, "walking" at the same time). I so wish I could have worn the blue robes when I graduated--I got stuck with black!

  4. Well because I guess my first comment did not stick I will post it again. Ah I love your blog so much! I love how you change the background to correspond with the post! keep em coming!