Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Graduation Surprise

That's right I finally graduated! It took me four and a half years, but I did it. I graduated in December of '09 with a Bachelor's in Sociology. Jason graduates in April, so I am very excited to walk with him at that time.

The very last day of finals, I had an early morning essay exam. When I came back to the apartment, I was in complete shock to come home to this:

Apparently we were short on streamers, hence the toilet paper....
still cute

"Emily - You are now officially DONE!...and you shall be rewarded!
But patience and wits are required...."
And then the scavenger hunt began...

I was then led on a hunt throughout the apartment with the clues he had left behind and hidden. Shortly, I had to leave for work, but he even surprised me there by leaving a little bag of money for me so I could get myself a treat from the vending machines. When I finally got home that night, you could imagine my anxiety, there was a present sitting under the tree for me. When I opened it...this is what I found:

A Canon touchscreen camera!

I was absolutely thrilled!! It had been a long time coming for us to get a nice camera. The best part is I didn't have to do any of the research or deciding. He did that all on his own and I completely trust his judgment. He made the perfect choice and I love our new camera.

The only problem now is I'm realizing that April is coming quickly and it will be my turn to get Jason a graduation gift...I'm very excited, but haven't come up with anything yet. Any reasonable ideas? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. good work jason! looks like such a nice camera. and i love the streamers :) very creative. i have no ideas on what to get jason when he graduates...maybe he would like new fishing gear. ha. good like figuring someone out

  2. What a sweet hubby you have! Congrats on graduating! What are your plans now? Have you been able to find a job with a bachelor's or are you planning to go back to school soon?

  3. Such a nice graduation gift--and a sweet way to give it to you! Congrats on the graduation :-) And... no ideas. Men are so hard to shop for haha.

  4. Emily!!! It's so good to see how you are doin!!! You look so happy! it's been forever! Hope all is well!!! =)

  5. wahoo! the graduation dream team. congrats! we should all go out in april to celebrate the actual "walk"!