Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Special Date with In-N-Out

On our way to my parents house for the real Christmas festivities, we decided we would make a date out of the journey. One absolute must was stopping at In-N-Out. Due to the outrageous line that is continuously present at the one in Provo, we had not visited In-N-Out yet since its grand arrival into Utah County. Since we were driving by the one in American Fork, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity...and it was!

As good as In-N-Out is, it was nothing compared to our next activity:

That's right, Avatar in 3D!!

To be honest, originally I didn't have a strong desire to see Avatar. My feelings were...if we saw it, that's fine, if we didn't, that's fine too. Boy was I wrong!!!! Avatar turned out to be AMAZING! I was completely overwhelmed by how good the movie actually was. It was my first 3D movie experience and I could not have been more impressed! Any Avatar haters out there are just confused, poor unfortunate souls!

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