Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Year Down...

December 27, 2009 = Our first anniversary!

And what does Jason surprise me with?

...a surprise stay at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake!

Jason is so thoughtful when it comes to special occasions (as you probably have already noticed by now)! The Grand America is such an elegant hotel; I had never stayed there before so, of course, I was thrilled when we pulled up to it! We had such a nice stay and it was so special, being it was right across the street from Little America (the hotel we stayed at our first night after being married).

Our room number

The courtyard

The only downer was when we tried to go to the hot tub...they wanted to charge us $10! I don't know how they get away with rude! We decided to skip that activity.

The view from our balcony

For dinner, we went to the Little America Steakhouse (same place we ate at on our honeymoon)! Still delicious!

This is the best shot we could manage. Our waitress was this old, old lady and she tried her best about five times to get a good picture...this is the best one of the bunch. Those hands just aren't as steady as they once were, I suppose. :)

Here we are...the same year ago!

We went and found the room we stayed in our first night...

Time for our wedding cake!

We spent the next morning shopping at the Gateway Mall and watching this awesome movie:

That's right...Sherlock Holmes! Loved it!

I really think I could get used to this whole anniversary idea!! Love you Jason! One year eternity to go!


  1. The Grand America is beautiful! What a sweet surprise! I love that you got to re-live parts of your wedding day/honeymoon. So fun!

  2. So fun! Jason is very thoughtful :) The Grand America is on my list of places to stay eventually :)

  3. That hotel is so beautiful! Congrats on your one year anniversary (way back when lol)!