Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christmas Break

With the school semester over for both of us, that meant we finally had some time to just relax. That also meant a lot more family time! Since we decided to spend Christmas with my family this year, we had a special Christmas celebration with the Grubers a few days before Christmas.

A special Christmas dinner

Gifts from George and Nancy

Alex making a "funny" face...look at those rosy cheeks!

A couple of our fun Christmas gifts:

For future Christmas's...

Our first official Christmas ornament!

The Grubers are always so thoughtful! I can't help but be reminded over and over again how blessed we really are!

Two nights later, we opened our gifts from Robby, Amy, Harlan, and Clara. The Tuttles had our names for Christmas this year, and they definitely surprised us with the perfect gifts.

They gave us our own Christmas pajamas, a "Special Day" plate, and a fondue set with special fondue chocolate. They seem to know me perfectly already...I love to sleep and eat...especially when there is chocolate involved! can you not love Christmas!?!!!!!

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