Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Gruber Family Reunion

In honor of George and Nancy's 40th wedding anniversary, everyone gathered for a fun family weekend in Alpine. Part of the fun was taking care of everything with the siblings so that George and Nancy wouldn't have to do a thing while we were there. Needless to say, there was lots of food, games, kids, and fun.

On the way to Alpine after Girl's Week...

Lots and lots of Nertz...cute face Jason...

Uncle Karl taking kids for a ride

I don't know how they eat those things....

Preparing dinner

April, Capri, Emily and Mya

Saturday was filled with fun activities. We kept the Gruber family tradition alive by making breakfast up American Fork Canyon. And of course the boys couldn't let go of their fishing fantasies, so we went up to Tibble Fork Reservoir for a small fishing session. Later that afternoon, we all went to the park for an intense game of kick ball. I hadn't played kick ball since elementary school, so I was quite excited about that.

Alex and Harlan

Clara and Amy

Grandma and Grandpa with the grand kids

At the park before kick ball

Sunday was spent with extended family and friends. We had a great feast and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Jason and brothers flying his plane. Everyone was very excited and the kids loved it!

Homemade ice cream - a Gruber tradition

The pilot

Waiting for the big show

The crew

It was a very eventful and special weekend! It's crazy to think about what our 40th anniversary might be like!?! One year down....39 to go...!


  1. Fun party! Kickball sounds so fun. Dan and I were supposed to play in a kickball tourny last summer, but Dan ended up getting a kidney stone so it never happened, and I was bummbed! You look really pretty in that family pic, btw.

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