Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gruber Girl's Week

Each year, Jason's mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law, get together for what they call Girl's Week. Last year they went to Colorado and stayed with Jason's sister, Amy. This year, it was April's turn. So, towards the end of August, all of the girls gathered in Riverton. Rather than a week of activities (as is usual), we crammed everything in two days... because the weekend was going to be spent with the entire Gruber family to celebrate George and Nancy's 40th anniversary. To say the least, it was a very exciting week.

Spending Girl's Week with April meant April planning the entire itinerary. She did an AMAZING job, filling the two days with fun activities and surprises. We arrived Tuesday night (August 25th) to a yummy Papa Murphy's pizza dinner. Each year they have certain things they are supposed to include, like making/sharing a new recipe and attending a temple session. After dinner, the recipe April had planned for us was for Microwave Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats. They were so quick and easy, and they tasted delicious! That night we went over the agenda, which (of course) April had all printed off for each of us. She also surprised us with a little gift: a lavender scented packet that we could put anywhere in our house and it would make it smell amazing!

Arriving at April's, Robby picking up kids

Alli, Capri, and Nancy

Preparing dinner

April had every activity listed to the exact time we would leave, arrive, and return home. Just to give you an idea of how fun-packed those two days were, I'm going to list all of the different things we did for Girl's Week:


8:00 Breakfast
Get Pictures taken by Laura (her photographer friend)
Lunch at Trellis Cafe (at Thanksgiving Point, where she also gave each of us our own nail polish to get us excited about one of our next activities)
30 minute facials, or chemical peels, at Alpine Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic
Pedicures at Nails & Spa in Alpine
Dinner at JCW's
Movie at Sandy Movies 9 (we saw Star Trek)
9:00 Arrive home and play white elephant game (I won a fruit squeezer!)

Pictures by Laura:

April, Alli, Amy, Nancy, and Emily

Before our pedicures

Hair of many colors...

Lunch at Trellis Cafe

About to get our facials



8:00 Breakfast
Good Things Utah Show
Lunch at Blue Iguana
Memory Park (where we took pictures and April surprised us with pictures from the previous day's photo shoot, with one in a nice frame)
Session at Salt Lake Temple
Dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Show at Desert Star
9:30 Arrive home, relax, and play games (she gave us cute thank you cards)

Good Things Utah

Our souvenirs: taffy for the State Fair

Lunch at Blue Iguana

I love this! Nancy leaving Blue Iguana...

Memory Park

At the Salt Lake Temple

Desert Star

Girl's Week turned out to be such a blast and it was such a great opportunity to really get to know my new "sisters". I got to see sides of them I never would have known before and really developed a great friendship with them. I am so lucky to be a part of the Gruber family and can't wait for the next Girl's Week. April did such a great job that I hope it is many years before I am asked to be the host sister! :)

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