Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heaven on Earth

That's right...Lake Powell!

During the summer we took a trip with Nate and Sarah Tadje and Aaron and Samantha Tadje to Lake Powell, where we met up with Richard Tadje. And yes...that is a whole lot of Tadje's!! Richard was working at Lake Powell for the summer and hooked us up for a sweet deal for one of the house boats. We were thrilled to spend our nights on the beach in The Weekender!

Our bounty: the stylish Eliminator and The Weekender

We staked our territory on the perfect beach area. We woke up to beautiful glass water, had shade basically the entire day, and hardly had visitors.

A view from our camp

Bringing in the Eliminator

We even had our own fire pit.

Party on The Weekender!

Richard, our wonderful tour guide!

I'm so glad we were able to take a trip this year! Jason and I absolutely LOVE Lake Powell, and we hope it continues to be an annual tradition!


  1. That sounds like a way fun trip! Man, you guys had a fun summer lol!!

  2. I love Lake Powell too! It looks like you guys had a prime spot! Seriously, when are we getting together for January?!?

  3. o i wish we could go back now! i am so sick of the cold! it was such a fun trip and i definitely agree it should be an annual thing!

  4. and we would come with!!!!!! yes we are. you can't get around it.

  5. so i just showed nate that wonderful picture of him yawning and he thinks thats the best photo he's ever taken! haha.