Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Fishing Obsession

As I kind of mentioned in my very first posting, it has been the summer (and year) of fishing. I'm not really sure what came over Jason, but his interest in fishing seems to have quadrupled since we've been married. He just says his childhood passion has been "re-birthed"!

Whatever the reason may be, he goes fishing any chance he gets. Whether it's at 6 in the morning or on his way home from work before school, he manages to find time to squeeze it in there somewhere. On more "special occasions", he'll make a day of it and go somewhere more exciting with his brother, Max. He even got a fishing license for me and took me a couple times (not as much as he would have liked though). Let's just say there was a lot of fishing talk at home and at family gatherings.

Max and fish...

Jason and fish...

Feet and fish...

Eventually, I told him he had to stop bringing them home

Here are some of his homemade jigs:

I'm such a proud wife

Here they are fishing middle Provo River near Heber:

I "can't wait" to see the fish that 2010 brings!!

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  1. Ha ha, love the sarcasm that filled this post :) I know what you mean ...every time Dan or one of his uncles mentions "fishing trip" you can count me out because what it really means is sitting out side in freezing weather or 100 degree weather and not catching a thing...except maybe a large branch!