Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping the FIRE Alive

While we were dating, many summer nights were spent with tin foil dinners, roasted marshmallows, and a bonfire. That was something we consistently enjoyed doing. He even faked me out with another bonfire night when he proposed to me! It only seemed fitting to keep the bonfire tradition alive this summer. Though we didn't do them nearly as often as the previous summer, we still made it to a few this year. During August, we went with Nate and Sarah Tadje, and their little boy, Aiden. We also went another night with some of my best friends from high school: Kerstin and Jed Sainsbury, and Alisha and Nate Richardson.

Jason, Emily, Sarah, Aiden, and Nate

Emily, Alisha, and Kerstin

Jason has become very good at building fires...and I've become very good at watching him :) We've learned a few yummy tricks for our tin foil dinners as well. A new favorite is baked potatoes, with any kind of "cream of" soup, and cheese. Cheese is great on anything, right?

We look forward to summers and summers of bonfires!

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  1. We did those a lot when we were dating too, and for some reason you never do anything as much once you get married lol! Sounds like fun! All your summer posts are making me so ready for summer!