Wednesday, October 6, 2010

June Fun

June was packed with fun and exciting things. Besides birthdays galore and seeing Imogen live, we had many small memory makers.

1. The morning of the Imogen Heap concert, I had been in Idaho attending my cousin, Brooke's, bridal shower. (Yes, another cousin wedding...not to be confused with my other cousin Brooke, who was married in January):
Brooke and Nate...two beautiful people!

2. We visited the Lindon pool several times to take advantage of the Flo Rider (or I should say Jason took advantage of the Flo Rider...maybe I'll try it one of these days):

3. You can never forget Father's Day:

4. Nor can you escape the summer fishing with Jason:

Nothing screams sexy like the old Cadi and my man in waders...

Believe it or not, but I did do some fishing myself...

5. We "technically" purchased our cute beach cruisers in June.  

6. Jason and I finally hiked the Y!!! I was determined to hike it before leaving Provo:

 I was a sweaty mess!! Pretty sure I almost died around turn 7...


7. I attended my first Manti Pageant!

 My family was so cute! They brought lemonade, popcorn, cookies, and other snacks to enjoy during the pageant. Loved it!


Yay for June!


  1. Ha ha will you ever catch up and blog in the present lol? You guys did a lot of fun stuff in June! I hear you on being a sweaty mess hiking the Y, it's brutal! You took a lot of really cool pics!

  2. Oh Emily, you were almost caught up! Haha. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Jason looks like a pro flo-rida.

  3. Before you leave provo? Are you planning a move soon? It looks like you guys had a fun summer! I can't wait to hear about it next week :)