Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrapping Up the Summer, Welcoming the Fall

  Just wanted to mention a few items of note that were brought on in the summer...

Jason moved on from his job in Remodeling to working with Showerzz and Tubzz, specializing in customer shower surrounds.

I was made Team Mentor in Customer Marketing at APX Alarm (and then Supervisor two months later).

We finished reading/listening to Harry Potter 5 and began Harry Potter 7 (very important).

The TV series LOST consumed most of our free time (finally finished in January of 2011).

The beginning of fall brought with it...

A new flat screen TV (finally! as pictured in the previous post's pictures), as well as a new X Box 360 (surprise). Needless to say, Jason has put in a lot of Halo hours.

 (my favorite is when he wears the headset even when it's not plugged in...yeah, it happens)

My good friend Amy left on her mission to Tulsa, OK.

At the farewell

My cousin, Izac, returned from his mission in the Philippines.

Amy and Robby Tuttle had their 3rd child, Oliver (so cute). 

..And so life began in a new apartment in a new ward...we're growing up.


  1. Oh I LOVE Lost. To this day I am so sad it's over. Sawyer is a hottie :) Did you take those outdoor photos? They are really pretty.