Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Wedding Bells

We're getting down to the end of the list of cousin weddings this year (still one to come in December).

This one, however, has a bit of a story to it. My cousin Paul married Mandy on Thursday, September 23rd...this was a long awaited wedding. They met in September of 2009. Mandy had just been baptized a member of the LDS church a week before they met. After a few months of dating, they were engaged and decided they were willing to wait until September of 2010 in order to be married in the temple.

After what seemed like eternity, September 2010 finally came around, and what was expected to be a small simple wedding turned into a fancy (and delicious) celebration! All thanks to her grandparents. After the initial shock and rejection from Mandy's mother and grandparents about her becoming and marrying a Mormon, they were able to get over their ill-feelings and contribute to the wedding plans.

Mandy had a ladies luncheon that afternoon at The Garden that I was able to attend...which was fabulous!

Afterward, they were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

Then, they had a beautiful reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Empire Room, where there were huge chandeliers, a live band, and a steak dinner!

Overall, it was another successful and beautiful wedding! Congrats Paul and Mandy! You guys are perfect for each other!

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  1. EMILY!!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog now I found your blog.. I'll be stalking you from now on.. I have all the pictures. Are you on facebook? I tried tagging you but I couldn't find you. I can email you all the pics? What ever you want. I love your blog, so cute. You guys are so hot!!