Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lake Powell 2010

That's right...we have to make it to Powell at least once a year. We almost didn't make it, but the end of September brought a great surprise. It brought my new favorite time of year to go to Lake Powell.

Lucky for us, Jason's friend, Richard, went to work at Lake Powell again for the summer. He invited us to come while his family was visiting...that way we could enjoy the free houseboat! Last year we got to take advantage of The Weekender...this year, a full scale houseboat.

Due to a new baby, Nate and Sarah could not join us (as is our typical company). This year we went down with Trevor and Krista Cook.  They were great friends to have along for the trip. Trevor was a sport driving all the way down and all the way back from Powell. They brought their laptop with lots of movies to choose from. After an hour or so of technical difficulties on the drive down, we finally got the video player working and we enjoyed the movie The Island...quite an interesting movie.

But enough about the drive.

Lake Powell at the end of September is perfect! Still hot, but not too hot. Not too crowded. The water is glass. Perfect!

It was a short trip...drove down Friday night after work and returned Monday evening. We spent Friday night in the girls' dormitories. Luckily, the summer season was over so we were able to stay their undetected...shhhh. Saturday, we got Richard to ourselves and rented a nice wakeboarding boat (free with Richard, of course). We spent a good part of the day wakeboarding and slalom water-skiing until it was time to check in with the houseboat. We loaded all of our stuff and ended the night watching Shawshank Redemption (a first for me).

 Richard, Trevor, and Jason

Me and Krista

Sunday was spent cruising on the wakeboarding boat and finding an awesome campsite for the houseboat. Once the location was secured, we drove back to the dock to pick up the arriving family members.We loaded their things, and blew up a bi-jillion water toys (no exaggeration). Once all was ready, we enjoyed a good three hour drive in the houseboat to the campsite.

 Not a big deal, just driving the houseboat...

The campsite

On Monday, we enjoyed more boat time and the famous Rainbow Bridge...I love it when it's a short hike!

 Krista and T

 Jason and me

Other activities included kayaking and a lot of fishing (more so coming from Jason and Trevor).

One memorable moment was Sunday night, after we were all laying down to sleep, the boys thought it would be a good time to go skinny dipping! All I can really say is I remember hearing three grown men giggling like three pre-pubescent school girls! They were shortly followed by a fourth (one of Richard's brothers). To set the stage right, imagine a full moonlit night in a canyon...their words echoing off the tall walls of red rock. Krista and I didn't have to strain too hard to hear what they were saying (not that they were trying to hide their squeals either). When Richard's brother crept up to them in the dark (catching them off guard), it was great to hear Jason exclaim, "Emily?!?"....as if I was crazy enough to join them. That one made me laugh pretty hard. Of course, Krista and I had to do our part, so we crept out of the houseboat and found their clothes lying on the sand, and moved them over by the fire pit (where a small fire was still glowing). That way they had no choice but to run by the glow of the fire to retrieve their clothes. It was evil I know, but it was hilarious to hear them shout out in confusion as to where their clothes had gone.

Now it's time to enjoy the water photos:

The trip was definitely too short, but I'm so glad we were able to go. Next year we better get at least a week!

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  1. i am so sad we couldn't go last year! looks like you guys had such a fun trip. but it makes me so excited for this year! i will definitely not be nursing a babe so we'll be able to come :) i can't wait!