Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peaches on the Porch

Anyone heard of that?...Peaches on the Porch?

We were welcomed into the ward with some new and interesting traditions. Apparently, every year one of the families in the ward puts on Peaches on the Porch at one of their guest houses (this is the same family with the huge cabin up at Sundance that I mentioned previously...very wealthy). Every year, they have an overflowing amount of extra peaches, so they make all kinds of peach dishes and desserts...all of which were presented beautifully and tasted divine. There was everything from peach ice cream, to peach salsa, to peach juice, to peach parfaits and fruit tarts. I was totally impressed! Oh, how I love peaches!

Just wanted to give a little tribute to all of the peaches that were eaten that evening...and to preserve it as a memory and idea for future use.

Thanks again Ashtons! 


  1. All of that sounds yummy! Can't wait for peaches to be in season!

  2. peaches sound so good right now. yum. Jake?? grocery store???