Sunday, February 20, 2011

October "Treats"

Our First House-Warming Party

For our October date with Kerstin and Alisha (and husbands), we invited them over to our new pad for a dinner date. Everyone contributed to the dinner: Kerstin brought the delicious taco soup, Alisha brought the awesome breadsticks and salad, and I prepared the caramel apples. I had never made caramel apples before...the internet discussions made it sound like some big feat to make the caramel turn out just right. I don't know what the big huff is about, caramel is just buy the wrapped caramel candies and melt them in a pot :)  Ok, ok homemade caramel may be the superior route, but I'm telling you...using the candy caramels is delicious and stress-free! We dipped them in a variety of goodies: candy bars, cinnamon dots, coconut, melted chocolate, powdered sugar, sprinkles, and then drizzled with more chocolate...they weren't the prettiest things you've ever seen, but they tasted great. Not bad for a first attempt.

Fishing with the Phillips

Fishing with the Phillips, or any time with the Phillips for that matter, is quite a memorable experience. Paul and Dan invited Jason to fish with them up in Heber. Of course, Jason didn't have to think twice about joining them. Since I was not there to join in on the fun, I can't say much of what happened...but they took lots of pictures to document the experience:

My cousin Dan 

My cousin Paul 

The following picture is not for the weak of stomach:

Who knew you could take so many pictures of fishing?!?
The fall colors are great, though!

Park City Coaster

Another October "treat" was our date with Jaleah and Bryton. Jaleah suggested we try out the Park City Coaster, so we went for it. After the first initial shock of the price of the ride (we should have done our research online), we decided since we already came all this way...we would enjoy the moment. Luckily, it did turn out to be REALLY fun. After waiting in a thirty minute line, we were welcomed into the carts by some witty employees. We were told that when our bodies tell us that we're going too fast and should pull on the brakes...DON'T....when our minds tell us we are being reckless and will probably die unless we slow down...DON'T...when our bodies feel like they are going to be flown from the car unless we pull on the brakes...DON'T. We were in complete control of the speed of our cart by pulling on the you get the idea of how fast you could be going. Mine and Jason's goal was to go the entire track without using the brakes. In order to do that, we had to have the leaning down just right. There were many tempting times to pull it, and only once did I have to shout, "Don't use the brakes, you pansy!" (I get a bit brutal when I'm heated by adrenaline). Other than that slight moment of hesitancy, we were able to coast down the track successfully! Definitely a fun ride!

Me, Jaleah, and Bryton 

 Jaleah and Mark

Heading up the track 

Jason Finally Experiences THRILLER

That's right, I finally got to take Jason to Thriller! I had been trying to for several years...but this was the year. Great news....he loved it! Just as I knew he would! Anyone who doesn't, doesn't appreciate good entertainment. I recommend it to all; dancer or not!

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