Thursday, March 3, 2011


I thought Halloween was worth a little recognition, especially this year. While Jason and I didn't do anything special or creative (we even dressed the same as last year), my little brother Bryan sure knows how to entertain.

Bryan had been planning this night for over a month. To illustrate his vision, he had the front yard strewn with caution tape and all of the family vehicles were parked in the drive way resembling a near accident, or crime scene. He had all of his "police accessories" in use....his flashing lights, his police uniform. He had a "command center" built inside of the suburban. On top of the suburban there was a video camera streaming video onto a TV inside of the car. He had the creepy music playing on the porch through a speaker that was connected and wired to the inside of the car as well. That way he could control the music through his iPod while sitting at his command post. Now, why would he want to video the trick-or-treaters as they came to our house? Well, Bryan has been pretty obsessed with his fart he hid his fart machine underneath the scarecrow that was sitting on the porch. When the trick-or-treaters would come to the porch to select their candy, he would activate the fart machine from his remote and watch their reactions. On top of that, he had my brother, Tyson, hiding in another car that was facing the porch. As the trick-or-treaters turned to leave, Bryan would walkie-talkie Tyson telling him it was time, and Tyson would quickly flash on the brights and honk the horn. If the flashing police lights and creepy music wasn't enough to scare the kids away, the shock of the horn sure set them jumping and a screaming.

Quite a production for an 11 year-old....

I'm so sad that we don't have any other pictures...the daylight doesn't quite give it justice....but, it'll do.

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