Tuesday, February 8, 2011

APX Knows How to Party

With the season of summer sales over, it was time for the APX year-end party. They have always been pretty impressive in past, but this year's party definitely topped them all!

What do you get when you put mountains of dirt on the front lawn of the corporate building, all-you-can eat: J-Dawgs, drinks, popcorn, and candy, Travis Pastrana, and Nitro Circus? AMAZING!...and that pretty much sums up our night.

We invited Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada to join us on the night's adventure. After filling ourselves to our hearts desire on treats and J-Dawgs, we enjoyed an adrenaline loaded entrance with helicopters and skydiving. The Nitro Circus members landed on the arena with definite style. As if that wasn't enough, we watched amazing stunts, tricks, and flips on dirt bikes. Even the big time executives and sales managers hoped on miniature bikes and raced around the track. To top it all off, our own CEO landed an awesome jump!

It's kind of hard to put into words the truly amazing sight that it was....but lets just say... all the men in attendance were as giddy as school girls! It's not an evening that will be forgotten anytime soon.

Sadly, we didn't take any pictures...but I did manage to steal a couple online. Enjoy:

Thanks APX for another great party!!!

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