Tuesday, April 12, 2011

December's End

The final wedding of the year. Briana got married on December 29th. This meant another drive to Idaho, but one that would not have been missed. They had a beautiful marriage in the Idaho Falls Temple. She looked gorgeous, of course, and he looked handsome.

A couple of my favorite photos, courtesy of her photographer:

The gang at the wedding dinner the night before

The reception.
The place looked so beautiful! A lot of work went into making that evening wonderful...
and it was a success!
(If only the weather could have been more kind...freezing temperatures while loading the decor)

Also, here's a glimpse of the road conditions on our drive back home the following day:
The snowy winds were like ghosts dancing across the asphalt.
So cool!

The final night of the year, we got to spend with our long lost friends...Zach and Kaari. After graduation, they moved back to California to start their "real lives"....leaving us behind. We hadn't seen them since April so that was a fun surprise. We brought in the new year with Olive Garden and reminiscing about old times. 

In memory of Zach and Kaari:

And that concludes 2010....we did it!!!!

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