Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcoming 2011

January 2011...we still have lots of ground to cover.

The first day of the year was spent celebrating our 2nd anniversary. We were actually married on December 27th, but due to the family time with the Grubers for Christmas, we decided to postpone our celebration until afterwards. Therefore, that Saturday was spent watching Tangled and shopping. As everyone knows by now, Tangled was an adorable movie, a must see!!! That evening, Jason surprised me with dinner at The Foundry Grill... which has special significance since we went there the night that Jason proposed to me! We hadn't been since that night, so it was very special. He even got us the exact same seat we had right next to the fireplace.

Our 2nd Anniversary:

The night of our engagement:

What a difference two years can make!
Thanks Jason for such a fun surprise!

January also brought our first calling in our new ward. We were called as the Sunday School teachers for the 17 year olds. With this calling, Jason and I felt a lot of responsibility. There are only a few kids in the ward that are that age (we live in a "Newly Wed - Nearly Dead" ward); there are about three boys and one girl that come regularly. We felt the heavy responsibility because they are at a very pivotal time in their lives. They are seniors in high school, about to move on to college or to go on missions. It is very important that they have strong examples in their lives and that they develop testimonies of their own. So far, the class has gone really well, the kids are great....the challenge is getting them to speak up sometimes...but overall, it has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Another January arrival included our first smart phones! Our two year mark was coming up, and my dad shocked us both with the idea of adding a data package to our plan. We were thrilled and a little torn. Up to this point, we had planned on switching carriers and getting the iPhones (or I should say that was Jason's primary plan). However, my dad offered us an awesome deal that we couldn't pass up, so we took it. We are now the proud owners of the MyTouch 4G.

We absolutely love it!
Life changing...we'll never go back.
Words with Friends has been the recent app favorite
(sadly Jason dominates)

This winter season has also been the season of skiing! Before this year, Jason and I only managed to make it up a couple of times to enjoy the snow. This year, we have both gone close to ten times. I have definitely seen a huge improvement in my snowboarding. I feel so much more confident and it has become really enjoyable. I even gave in and tried skiing twice (but I'll talk about that in a later post when I cover February). My first day of hitting up the slopes this season was actually with my work. APX has really come through lately with several surprise perks; one of which included a free skiing day at Sundance. Sadly, the spouses were not invited, but my manager, three other supervisors, and I spent the morning shredding up the mountain and enjoyed a nice lunch at The Foundry Grill (I hadn't been for two years...and then I go twice within a week...funny how things work out). 

Jason also took Bryan for his first day of skiing, ever! Little did Jason know how much work he truly had cut out for him. Jason took him to Sundance and it was quite the first experience. To give you an idea, it took Bryan an hour and a half to make it down the half way mark of the first lift. An hour and a half!!! That's with Jason skiing backwards and practically holding Bryan up. Thanks to his enduring spirit, they went at it again...this time only taking ten minutes to make it down the slope. Since then, Bryan has had a love for skiing and has asked time and time again to be taken to the mountain. 

The final January arrival was Zoey Sainsbury. My friend, Kerstin, finally had her baby! She is the cutest little thing. Alisha and I brought Kerstin and Jed some dinner, and got to meet their sweet little munchkin.

I love the one-eyed monster!

That pretty much sums up our January of 2011...except for one crucial event: 
Jason's Birthday!
...and that deserves a post of its own!

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  1. Ha ha I admire your memory skills! I cannot remember what we did in January that is worth blogging about. I love your long hair. I have never tried skiing, but want to. Maybe next year!