Sunday, May 29, 2011

March Onward

To be honest, not a whole lot happened in the Gruber household in March. That's probably because we were busy watching all of the Lie To Me episodes that were available on Netflix. Love that show! Seriously, Netflix makes our world go round! I don't know what we would do without it....probably be all productive and stuff....lame! Jokes...but seriously we love it! After Lie To Me, we enjoyed the eighth season of 24 and pretty much finished up The Office and Parks and Recreation.

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I would have to say that the most exciting thing that came about with March was Jason's participation in Mustache March. His mustache is a pure Wesley! What started out as a fun joke just to see if Jason would dare grow it out, turned into a look that I actually really like and would invite to return in the future. Little did we know just how much RED he has in his beard. Yep, we're definitely having a handful of ginger kids. Thanks for being such a good sport, Jason! Love you!

The mustache phase...

The full-on beard...he kept it well trimmed

So handsome! You get the idea....

Other than that, here are a few of the highlights from March:

1. Date Nights - Night skiing at Brighton with Jaleah and Mark Tuttle. I have to say, this was one of the most fun snowboarding sessions I have ever had!! Texas Roadhouse with Kerstin, Jed, Alisha, and Nate. Always a joy! Croquet at the new Provo Beach Resort with Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada. Yet another ski date with Jaleah and Mark (this time day skiing in some crazy powder...did I say crazy? Yes!). Game night with Nate, Sarah, Richard, and Camilla. Yogurtland and Tron with Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada (yet again). So, I guess, after looking at this list, we had a very successful month for fun dates!

2. Work Parties and Friends - My team at work met our production goal in February, so we were all treated to Texas Roadhouse! Yum! Have I mentioned that I love the people that I work with? They are my favorite thing about my job! We had another get together that month at Red Robin, just for the heck of it. Never before have I liked a job enough to want to spend time with my coworkers outside of work.

3. Fishing - Jason had a blast fishing (as usual) with Max on the Provo River.


4. Family Time - We had my family over one night for FHE and Hawaiian Haystacks. And, of course, lots of Sunday dinners with the Grubers. 

Farewell March....some day I just might catch up!

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