Sunday, June 26, 2011

April Showers...

Cruising on through April...(will I ever catch up?)...we had several fun events. The first one that comes to mind is General Conference weekend. With the guys gone at Priesthood session, it is always a great opportunity to kick it with the girls. This time around, I joined my mom, sisters, and cousin-in-law for cinnamon roll baking, cupcake eating, and Tangled watching extravaganza! Every girls' dream, right?

 Enjoying our cupcakes from The Sweet-tooth Fairy!

The cinnamon rolls in all their glory...

The following Sunday morning brought a beautiful WHITE surprise:

(too bad Christmas couldn't be like this)

While the morning session was amazing (as usual), the most memorable part was Bryan's famous food stand. This year, instead of going through all of the trouble of drawing fake money by hand, he had a dollar amount limit that he kept at the stand that we could use and subtract from every time we "purchased" something. He had all kinds of treats and sodas. Oreos, Nutter Butters, Redvines, etc. I'm pretty sure the stand would never have been allowed when I was a kid...but isn't this just another one of the joys of being the youngest child?....doing whatever you want, especially if it means not paying attention to conference? I'm pretty sure I was required to take notes when I was twelve years old! Oh well, I can't complain too much because I definitely  benefited from his little stand.

Bryan's stand

After spending the morning session with my family, we drove to Alpine to enjoy the final session with the Grubers. Besides being spiritually fed, we were also physically fed to our hearts content due to the fact that we were also celebrating April's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday April!

The next Friday, Jason and I tried to make it up one more time for a night of skiing at Brighton; however, a combination of a freakish snow storm and a lack of "working" four-wheel drive in the Explorer did not let us have our way. We had driven a few miles up the canyon, when a pile up on the road caused us to stop, lose our momentum, and forced us to turn around and head back down the mountain (almost getting stuck and nearly drifting off the bank in the process). It was quite the stressful and scary situation to be honest. So, rather than hitting the slopes that night, we settled for the movie Source Code (great movie, by the way!).

The following day was very busy for me. I was in Draper by 9:45 am to attend "Women at the Well" - a special traveling program that some of my aunts from Idaho are a part of. It was a beautifully touching musical program that I am so glad that I did not miss! Immediately after the program, I met up with Jaleah to go to the What Women Want Expo in Sandy. That turned out to be such a blast! We made a few fun purchases, including feather extensions, Jamberry nails, Chick-fil-A, and cheap waxing. Jaleah and I were so excited about our Jamberry nails, that we went straight back to my parents house to put them on. Here's a little peek at the finished results:

They are heat activated stickers that you apply and shape onto your toenails
(or fingernails if you like)! 
They have so many cute was really hard to choose.
They stayed on for quite awhile, over a month for both me and Jaleah.
Here's the site if you want to check them out:

 All the while, Jason was skiing with Jaleah's husband, Mark. Doesn't get any better than that!

Right after that, Jason and I ran to Riverton to attend Alex's birthday party. Always a ball!

Speaking of an effort to cut down a bit on birthday gifts for the nieces and nephews, we decided to shop at All-a-Dollar for Alex's present. We found a couple decent race cars and a gun that shot plastic balls. To cut to the chase, Alex was not very impressed with our gifts. The race cars were no Hot Wheels, and when he finally attempted to shoot the gun, the ball shot forward an inch, at most, before falling to the ground (that is if the ball hadn't already rolled out of the hole before pulling the trigger). So pathetic! Luckily he had his Tron action figure that took most of his attention. We only hope this birthday flies quickly from his memory and he doesn't always remember us as Uncle Cheap and Aunt Penny Pincher! Sorry again, Alex!

Mya making our hair beautiful...

My favorite day in April was probably one of my dates with Jason. We started off the day with skiing at the Canyons. Now, to preface this...we had recently purchased an awesome deal through KSL that gave us unlimited Monday skiing to Brighton, one day of skiing at the Canyons, and unlimited skiing at Nordic Valley. On top of that, we got unlimited access to Trafalga in Orem and Lehi. Hence the day of skiing at the Canyons (a resort we probably wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise). We happened to go the last weekend it was open for the season...which was lucky and unlucky at the same time. If you have never been skiing at the Canyons, I must say it is quite impressive! Not only do you ride a lift from the parking lot to the base of lift, but several of the lifts have covers from the snow and wind. So awesome! There's even one lift that uses a pod-type car. So sweet! Another great thing about the Canyons is they have gigantic, amazing cabins lining some of the ski runs. The roads and runs kind of criss-cross all the way down creating bridges that you ski under. Very unique and very beautiful! The down side, while some of the day included little flurries of snow, the other part of the day was very warm...making the snow slushier and slower than I had ever ridden in.

After skiing for several hours, we stopped for some shopping at The Gateway mall. Which then led us to the perfect opportunity to hit up Cheesecake Factory on our way back home. (Oh, if only they had a Cheesecake Factory in Provo....seriously, they need to!)

After washing up and changing, we went to the Riverwoods to treat ourselves to caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. A perfect way to end an amazing day!

Love this picture of Jason!

Easter still to come....

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