Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jive Dance Concert

That's right, I did another year at Jive! Sadly, Bryton couldn't join us this past year due to pregnancy, so that left Jaleah and I holding up the dancing fort. We had a blast, as to be expected. The studio even upgraded their facilities so we actually had room to leap and practice our dances full out. That's a definite plus! Of course, the year didn't come without its stressful practices and frustrating encounters; but by concert time...all was the negative was forgotten as we had the time of our lives performing for friends and family.

Following suit with last year, the concert was held at the Covey Art Center and they had us perform FIVE seperate recitals! Two on Friday evening and three on Saturday. I still can't believe they do it that way...and charge $9 per person! But what can you do? Needless to say, I didn't go around selling tickets for my concert.

Due to last year's experience of bad choreography and extra practices, I opted out of dancing in the Opener and Finale...and of course this year it was actually decent, but that's just how it goes I guess. Our class of "retired" dances performed three numbers: a lyrical, hip hop, and character dance. Check out the pics:


Jaleah, Randy, Cristal, Vicki, ...ah shoot I tried. Can't remember now

Jaleah and I

My Strongest Suit

The Silver Girls!

Shazaam! Bustin' out of our suit jackets!

This Instant
(Hip Hop)

The dancers' lunch break at Guru's and Sammy's:

This year, two segments of the dances were recorded via cell phone:

My Strongest Suit

This Instant

Sadly, no video was taken of the lyrical dance, Apologize...which was my favorite and most technical of the dances.

My cheering section:

April, Mya, Karl, me, Nancy

Beautiful flowers from the hubby!

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  1. so jealous of your performing... i crave a spotlight