Monday, January 2, 2012

May Highlights

Besides my birthday, Mother's Day, Girls Week, and the Jive Dance Recital, May was very eventful.

Let's begin the list, shall we?

1. Two work dinners: My department at Vivint (Customer Marketing) reached its goal two months in a row, and thus got to cash in on both of those in the month of May. We were treated to Texas Roadhouse at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the month we enjoyed a feast at Tucanos (this time bringing our spouses)!

2. Another work related prize: On top of our department goals at Vivint, my boss challenged the supervisors to another goal...which we destroyed. The prize this time was a brand new iPad 2! I think Jason was even more excited than I was!

3. Date nights: We saw Battle Los Angeles and Thor, we ate at Ruby River (thanks to a gift card), we enjoyed Frisbee, reading, and playing Tower Madness on the new iPad in the park, and we went bowling with Kerstin and Alisha (and husbands).

Holding Zoey Sainsbury

3. George's Birthday

Dinner, presents, and....golfing?...

4. Winning gift cards to Tucanos: As if we didn't go to Tucanos recently enough, we were invited to a fundraising luau for Timpview High. One of the reps on my team (Christian Hancock) is also an Assistant Coach for the football team at Timpview. Jason and I decided we would help out, so we purchased tickets to the luau he was helping to put on. At the luau, there were many baskets filled with prizes and random stuff that you could bid/auction for. We were about leave the luau when Christian told us he was allowed to get a prize for us free of charge. We kept our eyes out for a good prize that we would use...when finally the Tucanos gift cards went up for bid. We knew that was the prize for us. We definitely didn't leave the fundraiser empty handed or empty stomach-ed!

5. Friends getting married: We had two wedding receptions to attend in May. One for my friend from freshman year, Orrin Hancock, and another for Jason's friend, Jake Goeckeritz.

6. So You Think You Can Dance started: Need I say more?!?

7. Surf Trip: Jason took a long awaited surf trip with his friend, Mike Pacada. They surfed the shores of San Diego and San Clemente. The weather wasn't the best, but they had a great time!

Trying on the new wet suit - purchased from Whiskey Militia 

They had to share a they felt a barrier was most comfortable

The new surf board Jason purchased off of KSL

Sadly there were no wives there to take surfing photos.

...And that pretty much sums up May 2011!!

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