Monday, January 9, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

WARNING: The following pictures are very graphic in nature and may not be appropriate for children under 13.

Okay, they may not be graphic but they are definitely disturbing.

So, it was finally time for me to get my wisdom teeth out. I was supposed to get them out in 2007, but then I left for BYU-Hawaii and we didn't talk about it afterwards. Jason really wished I had gotten them out then...that way it wouldn't have been our responsibility to cover the bill...but that is the price you pay for negligence and procrastination.

The day finally came. I think I went to the place called Wisdom Teeth Only? Pretty sure. Anyways, I totally recommend going there. I had to get all four of mine out and two were impacted. It only took them 20 minutes. They sat me in the chair, put the IV in my arm, started putting a bib under my chin and I was completely out! I woke up, half asleep, in the car when Jason stopped at Walgreens to pick up my pain medication. I felt loopy and swollen, but totally fine.

On the way can tell I'm out of it

I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping (a lot), watching TV, and attempting to eat. I had an array "drinkable" foods like applesauce, soup, Jamba Juice, and my favorite...chocolate pudding! It almost seemed like a holiday with all of the chocolate pudding I got to eat. I'm not going to lie, it was a little challenging to eat. The pain wasn't too bad because Jason was AMAZING at keeping me to my medication schedule. I only felt nauseous once! I was back to work Tuesday afternoon (4 days later). It did take me a good week or so before I was really comfortable eating solid foods...I was afraid it would never feel the same again, but my gums back there finally healed and before I knew it I was back to eating hamburgers, pizza, and all of that healthy stuff. The only problem now is the food that gets trapped there in empty space. Yum!

Here I am in all of my glory:

The glamorous chin bib! A recovering essential!

Jason's amazing wrapping cute

I was pretty tired and pretty out of it at first

Real nice, Jason...thanks

Oh yeah, I had a real puffer!
Back to the "Jason was AMAZING" comment...He seriously was! He always made sure I had an elevated bed ready for me, whether it was in the bedroom or on the couch. He set a timer for himself for the middle of the night (I had to take the pills every 3 or 4 hours) so he could wake me up, take the gauze out of my mouth with his own fingers, put fresh gauze in, change the ice packs for new ones, re-wrap the beautiful head wrap, and help me drink the pills down. The gauze was so nasty but he never complained! I felt so grateful to him. He really is the sweetest husband ever...I can't wait to see him as a dad!

Here are some nice shots from Sunday dinner at the Grubers:
Jason and his fireworks

Yeah...I looked like a I had some real fun chasing the kids around like a zombie:

The weekend of my recovery was over the 4th of July weekend, which made it nice for getting work off...but not so nice going out in public. Overall, however, it went pretty well. I tagged along but didn't contribute much as you can imagine. We spent the morning with the Grubers. We went to the Provo parade, had lunch at the fair set up there, and went to Bridal Veil Falls. In the afternoon, we met up with my family for the Sandy parade, a firework show in Sandy, and our own firework show at home.

Even though everything went smoothly (with no dry sockets), can I just say I'm so glad that is over and I never have to do that again?!?


  1. i almost peed my pants!! You are the best! I want to frame some of these pictures so that I can not miss you so much... and they are just priceless

  2. i love this post :) i got mine out after we were married too and it was just a couple of days before i graduated from byu so i look like a chipmunk in all the pics from that! but i love your chin bib. what a good idea :)

  3. Oh my gosh. I started laughing out loud at your pictures! (Nothing personal...I am sure I looked just as funny, lol but you are hilarious!)