Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Activities

In August I really tried to take advantage of the quickly fading summer. Being very pregnant, giving birth, recovering, and caring for a newborn really took a big chunk out of the I was anxious to grasp on to the remaining days that I could.

One of the first activities Charlie and I enjoyed in August was visiting the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point. Originally, Nancy, April, the kids, and I were supposed to visit Grandma Gruber that morning, but she wasn’t feeling well so we made new plans to visit the zoo. It was fun strolling a precious sleeping baby around the park. It was a very warm day, but I am glad that Charlie and I braved the activity. 

Speaking of braving activities...Jason and I both got the Seven Peaks Pass Of All Passes this year because it was only ten bucks! Since there was still a little bit of summer left and I was pretty much healed from the delivery, we decided to go and to take Charlie. We went in the late afternoon and took turns watching Charlie while the other went on the slides. Watching Charlie pretty much meant you were either feeding him a bottle or walking him around in the stroller until he finally fell asleep. This lasted about two hours before we decided we had enough. We took Charlie twice, and the second time we decided to let him dip his feet in for a bit. We took him to the kiddie area, where he enjoyed the water for about 15 minutes before he was over it. As “fun” as it was to take Charlie, we knew we wanted to go again just the two of us. That way we could enjoy the slides together and even ride a double tube together. So, the last week of August, we had my mom and brother watch Charlie while Jason and I had our own little Seven Peaks date. Since school had just started, there was no where near the crowd there usually is...and so we went on all of the slides we wanted to...multiple times! In the past, I spent several hours just laying out at Seven Peaks...this time I didn’t want to waste that precious time. After having a kid, we definitely appreciate these moments a lot more!

We had another date night, thanks to George and Nancy! They offered to watch Charlie so Jason and I could have an evening to ourselves. While they enjoyed a walk and photo shoot with Charlie, we enjoyed a Culver's dinner and a movie (The Bourne Legacy). We are so fortunate to have so many loving family members around who are more than willing to watch Charlie! 

We had some more fun in the sun in August when the Larsens (family friends) went out of town for a Disney Cruise. While they were away, they asked Bryan to water the plants, watch over the house, etc. This, of course, is right down Bryan’s alley. They also showed him how to operate the pool and gave him and the family permission to use the pool while they were away. We definitely took advantage of the offer. Jason, Charlie, and I joined them at the pool three times that week. So fun! We kept Charlie in the shade sleeping in his car seat or taking turns in our arms. It was so fun using their pool...and was definitely a different experience than the last time I had swam in it (being 40 weeks pregnant). I was finally able to use the slide and diving board...and increase my diving skills. It really felt good being able to do those things again.

With every August comes Alpine Days! Jason and I both love Alpine Days...and were so excited to share it with Charlie. We were shocked when Charlie sat through the whole parade. He was awake and alert...and apparently loving the parade...all of the movement and new things to look at. He didn’t even mind when the fire trucks passed by with their loud horns! After the parade we got some delicious smoked pork sandwiches and a huge turkey leg. George and Nancy took turns carrying Charlie around to keep him entertained. Overall, we couldn’t have been more happy with the way Charlie behaved for Alpine Days! He is getting better and better!

Every August brings Alpine days...and...Tyson and Max’s birthdays (they share the same birthday...August 19th). We spent the afternoon celebrating with Tyson. We had a yummy corned beef dinner and opened presents. We then quickly made our way over to Max and April’s to enjoy a delicious chocolate birthday cake with them. I can’t forget to mention the “friendly” game of frisbee that resulted in a HUGE welt between Alex’s eyes! Of course Uncle Jason threw a very fast frisbee right into his face! He felt so bad...the bruise was so big. But that just adds to the memories, right? After the party, we returned to my parents house...since we were staying the night (more on my stay with my parents to come). We played a late night round of Ticket To Ride before hitting the hay. 

Oh hello, Charlie!

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