Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Labor-less Labor Day

The day after Charlie’s blessing was Labor Day, and I was so excited that Jason was able to take the day off. It wasn’t until mid-morning until we spontaneously decided to take advantage of the good weather and head to Park City for the afternoon. Park City is always beautiful and has an element of fun and excitement.

We “strolled” along the shops...we hoped Charlie would enjoy his stroller a little bit more, but we ended up carrying him a lot of the time. I was surprised at the number of restaurants on main street! I swear the number has recently boomed. There were so many that we wanted to try out...but given our time limitation (some didn’t open until five) and baby limitation, we couldn’t pass up going to the good old Mainstreet Pizza and Noodle. Love that place! And lucky for us, Charlie was asleep in his stroller for the entire meal! Yipee!

On our way home, Jason had the idea of stopping to fish on the middle Provo. The weather was great and we had the baby carrier, so I agreed to the plan. Once we parked and before we got out to fish, I decided it would be a good time to nurse Charlie while in the car in the back seat. While nursing him, Charlie let out a few good “fluffs”...and by that I mean gigantic farts! I knew his diaper could not be pretty after the sound of those...but I continued to nurse him. I continued to bring my hand to his diaper to check for any wetness and didn’t notice any. A few minutes later when I went for another touch-check, my hand came back drenched in baby poop! I immediately exclaimed, “Ah!!! Help me!” Jason turned around from the front seat and burst out in laughter. Charlie’s poop was oozing down from his diaper, dripping down onto my shorts and then puddling on the seat beneath me. I continued to shout, “Help me! Help me!” Jason quickly came around to the back seat and carefully lifted Charlie from my lap. But at that point we just looked at each other and started laughing again. Jason said, “I don’t even know what to do!!” We have had countless blow-outs with this little fellow, but none before or since have been quite as big or quite as dramatic! After we finished soaking him with wet wipes, changing his clothes, and cleaning him up...we continued on our fishing adventure (crusty poop-shorts and all). 

We didn’t have too much luck at first, but towards the end before we left for the day, we each caught a fish...Jason catching two. Charlie was pretty good in his baby carrier. We ended up draping a thin blanket over his head and body to protect him from the sun, and he fell asleep. So that was pretty nice...and pretty hilarious looking.

The traffic on the way home through Provo Canyon was horrible! But all in all, we had such a fun day!

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  1. Ha ha that cracks me up! I love that you guys stayed and fished "poop shorts and all!" You guys are awesome parents lol.