Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Love Fall

Jason and I have recently decided that we LOVE fall! It is our favorite time of year. We especially love the beginning of fall...the weather is still warm, but not as hot. We get to eat fresh salsa from our garden, and fresh corn from the Gruber’s garden. Peaches are in season! We could eat those things for all meals everyday and be completely satisfied! The holidays are just around the corner....and the leaves turn beautiful colors! We love taking drives up the canyon, and it is especially fun when you are surrounded by gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges. This year was particularly gorgeous! If you got a chance to drive up Provo Canyon last know exactly what I mean. I’ve never seen it so pretty!

Here are some pictures from our Sunday afternoon drive:
(Ignore the sad power lines in some of the shots)

And not that it has to be fall to go to Texas Roadhouse...but it does taste especially good when it gets a little chilly outside...wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to a birthday gift card from Karl, we took Charlie to Texas Roadhouse for the first time in late September. Charlie was asleep in his carseat at first until we had about three different “birthday tables” right by us get their special “Texas Roadhouse Birthday” specials! So loud! Even above the volume that Texas Roadhouse usually is! Yep, they were sure to wake him up and he was sure to bawl...but we made it through, taking turns eating and holding him. Always worth it!

Love, love, LOVE Fall!


  1. Those are awesome pics of Provo Canyon! And that last pic of charlie and you is priceless!!! Ha ha what a cutie.

  2. let's go again so we can meet charlie and eat some yummy food!